How to choose the mount for tele

How to choose a mount for your TV

By purchasing a new TV set is not that quite a few people think about such fundamental details as wall mount. But precisely because of it can be placed telly on the wall, that he would not interfere, did not achieve the stand fit into the places where the stand position is unrealistic.

Before installing certainly need to look at the back wall of your TV set, what size fasteners according to the standard VESA. In most cases the dimensions are, for example, VESA VESA 75 or 100. These values indicate the distance between the holes for the fasteners. VESA 75 — A distance of 75 mm, VESA 100 — 100 mm. To attach the greatest and most languid TVs usually use standard VESA 400, it is more standard, established for over languid screens.

Installation requires purchase purchase a wall bracket for tele, whether static or rotating mechanism, but without it is unrealistic (what is the difference between them will be written on). When choosing a bracket should pay attention not only on its design and the way it will come to your home, and at the very time withstand weight. After purchasing system bolted to the wall of the large screws. The truth is not always possible to do it without problems, the wall may prove to be very strong and will have to make the hole, drilling a wall. What would really make things easier for yourself puzzle, it's easier to use the services of experts.
When the installation is sure to throw a small gap — more than 1.5-2 cm This needs to be done that would make a better air circulation. With good circulation telly serve even longer than the bad. Modern wall fixtures are made with the smallest gap, so this should not be problems.

So what did the difference between static and rotary mount? The rotating mechanism can be rotated and set up for themselves, for better display and convenience. Static movement — is more reliable and durable, in addition it is cheaper.

Now the choice and differences between the anchoring systems so significant that eyes just run away and it is difficult to realize that after all necessary. To facilitate the tasks you should read these tips:

1. Certain systems allow you to choose the best angle and tilt with remote control, this luxury will cost even more, but it's worth it.

2. Fasteners are made of different colors, and if you do not find in a store right color, you should look at where there is more choice, and choose the right color.

3. Most of the fixtures for the tele already anticipate a balanced way of the cable, but if for some reason itself is not an option — you can create your own.

4. Appropriate bracket can be even cheaper than expected price, far away is not always the highest cost — is the key properties. Need to consider several options and in the end choose the correct one.

5. Are these bindings, which have a special shelf for other equipment. It may be, DVD player, and game console.

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