How to choose the perfect gift

How to choose the perfect gift

With what would we expect a child's own birth or days of the New Year. In-1's, wanted to be older, in-2, very like a miracle, and in-3, really really wanted to get the gift. And not just any gift, and something very bad and not exciting. And as I used to feel sad when the ancestors or the guests have given something incomprehensible and totally necessary. After all, very sad devchenke eight years instead of dolls or children's posudki get a book with the title "How to behave at the table."

Yesterday's kids grow up, become adults, and the attitude to gifts in their somewhat different. Someone like comfortable clothes, some trinkets, some prefer all offerings funds. In addition, adults who understand that the best gifts to give than to receive. And grant now have more often than in childhood. Here and there the problem, because the hardest — choose the right gift. Such as to please the tastes of the donations were.

So, how to choose the right gift? The most important thing is not to make generalizations in the style of "children — ice cream, babe — the flowers." There are ladies who can not tolerate flowers. And there are children with allergies that sweet strictly prohibited. Just as there are men who do not drink whiskey, do not wear ties. And the old woman did not rejoice packs of tea itself "the elephant" is also not uncommon.

All we need to find a personal approach. Think about who plan to purchase gift. Make a short summary of his hobbies and preferences. Connect to help themselves to fantasy.

Active and mobile people, perhaps, would be happy to go to any workshop, for example, to study the foundations of flamenco or a course of extreme driving. Music lovers can bestow a ticket to a concert or a music lover musician discs with rare recordings. Food lovers will be delighted hike in a decent restaurant, and the chefs — new recipes and dishes.

Gifts for children occupy a special place. The wealth of toys, games, equipment and outfits make their choice on the first glance, the usual. It seemed, would that be easier — come to the store and buy something that you liked. But in reality, is to cross the threshold of a "children's world" as a tributary to the confusion. Surely, specifically because of this very confused people make weird purchase. For example, get the bear for a five-meter greenish-year-old girls, who lives with his parents in a one-room apartment. Or buy a set of high-profile musical instruments egozlivomu little boy.

So, if tasked to — buy baby gift, is to answer three questions. I like baby, 'll be glad to have such a gift? I, as a parent, will not be annoyed with this gift? What does this teach kids gift?

For example, tomorrow, the second day of June Birthday boy 6 years old. I was delighted to roller-skating at his age? Yes, of course. Whether to approve his ancestors such gift? Yes, it's a sports family, and the rollers are certainly at some point would have purchased it for yourself. Why teach kids gift? Train ride, delaying the balance, will provide an opportunity to put energy into useful direction. Conclusion: "The good videos. You need to take. "

The described method will help those who are not afraid of challenges when choosing a gift. For those looking to show imagination and resourcefulness. Most of the same people choose another method may be more normal, but it is not creative. Its meaning in the ordinary matter "head": For you, what to give? This method is, of course, has the right to exist, and from time to time, you can use it.

It is not suitable for cases when question"What for you to give?" Get back, "Surprise me."

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