How to choose the right binoculars

How to choose the right binocularsOf course, before you purchase a pair of binoculars, do not necessarily need to go for a consultation with an ophthalmologist. But still the choice of the device must be approached seriously and reverently. First, you need to decide which binoculars for you need.

Hunter or fisherman for tourist use is best fit the traditional field glasses. There are also languishing, weighing more than 1.5 kg and a length of about 40 cm models, for which you must also take the stand.

The first digit in the model title usually shows on multiple devices or approximation. If the multiplicity of binoculars over 15, the eyes get tired very quickly, because when you shake hands distorted image. If device designed for 20-fold or more the approximation is used in the tripod. If such a device to work "by hand", the eyes get tired very quickly, there is a pain in the head, not a good feeling. In addition, the "powerful" binoculars indicates a very narrow field of view, so if you plan to work with such a model, then you need to purchase additional equipment.

There are models in which provides the function of stabilization. It allows you to use binoculars to work in hand, while walking in vehicles without refraction image and harm to health. Good models in which there is a function ZOOM, which allows to independently adjust the zoom in and out items. Binoculars in which a given function can be used to approximate a large viewing area, but with all this image remains accurate even at the highest magnification.
Lightweight and compact models are ordinary binoculars and comfortable to use. The dimensions of such devices depend on the size of the main input lens which is from 20 to 95 mm. At the current time there is a good model with a diameter of the primary lens 42 mm, they are comfortable and small, in addition does not give a very bad image when enlarged.

As mentioned above, the first digit in the model shows the title of the multiplicity of devices, the second — the value of the diameter of the front lens. For example, 15h42 means that it can binoculars 15 times to build up the image, the diameter of the lens at the entrance is 42 mm. Model with ZOOM — function denoted 12 36h42 other words multiplicity may vary from 12 to 36 units.

In addition, there are also other options. For example, the presence of an anti-reflective coating on the lenses, which contributes to a more comfortable work. Such a coating can be of different colors, depending on the destination. Ruby coating has a red-orange color and is used in the work on the brightest sunlight, especially on the water. To work in the evening there is a sapphire coating that gives the best contrast "picture". One can use neutral, dull coating or general purchase the device without it.

Yet, when buying a pair of binoculars you should understand what model 'll need first: CRASHWORTHINESS, waterproof or gidrozaschischennaya. You can buy binoculars with filling out of dried nitrogen which warn misting inside. But we should not forget that the additional features have an impact on the cost of the device.

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