How to choose the school furniture

How to choose the school furniture

a) School Desk (Computer Desk)

At the current time as school furniture desk and are available separately chair, and it enables a carefully moving them personally pick up height. But this is not only the pros and the cons. One of the minuses — incorrect landing. Make out what is to be the correct size for furniture, so that the student felt comfortable at the desk.
If you decide to purchase a computer table then you should contact the site There are available computer tables of different shapes and with different number of additional features: adjustable height, add-ons for disk storage or books. Online store — is a reliable partner, which allows to make purchases at an affordable cost.
Height chair seat — is defined as the length of the tibia kid plus 1-2 centimeters on his heel. The width of the seat — is the value of «distantia bitrochanterica» plus 3-4 centimeters, and seat depth — that's two-thirds — three-quarters of the length of the student's feet. Differentiation of furniture — the distance (strictly vertical) between the edge of the table and a place to rest (elbow length plus two — two and a half centimeters) — characterizes the placement of tables and chairs in the vertical plane. Distance — The distance between the front edge of the chair, and a clear vertical projection of the table. Distance characterizes the interposition of a chair and a table in a horizontal plane.
The distance is zero (when the edge of the school chair and projection rear edge of the table is exactly the same), positive (if the projection lies outside the plane of the table chairs) and negative (if the projection is specifically on the plane seat). Because the distance is negative forces students to strive for proper planting, building on the back. Numerous studies have shown that the best distance — it is 3-5 cm surface of the table should be matte and not to the strong glare. Reflectivity should be 30 5 — 50 5 per cent.

B) The Chalkboard

There are two types of stunning boards — wall and mobile. Hygienic requirements for the board — it's a relief visual work of all students without exception. Color cover boards should be — greenish, dark brown, matte-black.
More green is best when working with a bright yellow chalk. For drawing rooms to use board with black finish and use a snow-white chalk. To cover boards use different varieties of linoleum, but at the current time are available boards to use allowances on magnets (thin layer coated steel stekloemalirovannym layer, glass-ceramic, and plastic films or paints). To protect the floor from dirt chalk tray attached to the board, which is also used for storage of chalk. In the initial classes of the board are set so the bottom edge should be at a height of eighty or eighty five cm, and in high school — at a height of 90-95 cm Sliding boards are arranged so that they shone and did not block the main board. Boards will certainly wipe mokrovatymi lips soaked in water.

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