How to cook real fighters. Survival Course in Russian army

How to cook real fighters.  Survival Course in Russian army

In May 2012, the media disk imaging was reported that the Russian armed forces entered the newcomer rich programm training soldiers who are serving in the Army. In people, this example program has received the title of "survival courses" because it contains a complex of special exercises aimed at overcoming fear, as the development of methods of self-control and self-regulation.

The program lasts 6 weeks. It has been approved by the Chief of the Land Forces, Colonel General Alexander Postnikov, who is sure that it will add to the process of military training specific element of surprise and reasonable risk.

According to Col. Sergei Vlasov, a new course was laid the base of survival, which include knowledge on how to survive in different weather criteria at different temperatures, exposure to high altitude on the human body, as methods of self-control and self-regulation.

Less than six months, both in the press and on the Web erupted resounding controversy regarding the introduction of the latest programs from congruity training. Many are convinced that such "survival courses" humiliating and illegal, many refer to them absurd, and yet do not believe part of that is the truth exists. But first things first.

First, it is worth noting that, since May of this year, saturated training became of mandatory for all contractors as those just came to serve and those who are going through it quite a long time. Moreover, this course is also required for technical professionals and even female soldiers. In this case, if fighter refuses to pass or fail the same course, it may be sufficient reason for his dismissal from the armed forces because of non-compliance that apply to military personnel prof.

In fact what happens concretely. Since the introduction of programs from Bole thousands of contractors have not been survival courses, or have refused passage. At the moment, this figure has risen to 350 people. In addition, about a thousand military report written refusal to take the course, and even some of the military simply did not pass a medical examination.

With specific regard to the most applets, it is a course of basic training, which at first glance has a highly few points of contact with the air forces, air defense forces, naval units, connections, communications or technical spec. All the same, and the intensity of the utilities that load and it is very high for all the passing rate. Even despite the fact that it is in a certain degree depending on the conditions of the study on the basis of which it passes.

The course comes, not counting the rich physical fitness, fire, military, medical, tactical, engineering, chemical preparation. A large part of the course takes place at the sites. And in the end — the big march of 150 km, the terms of which the maximum closer to the fighting. They feed on the military at that time suhpaykami, obsess abilities masking methods field camps, abilities action against the enemy, pass practical training strategy of action of small military units, overcome natural and man-made obstacles. After the end of the course, all pass the final exams in the military and physical training.

As for the course for female soldiers, for their course slightly modified. For example, they must overcome the 3-mile march in 15 minutes. In addition, there is a psychological test — the so-called "break-tank" — to survive, do not be terrified, skip it, and then knock out. In addition, the ladies also have to pass the exams for first medical aid in the field criteria.

In fact you can read about what's new programm training — it's not that different, as the course of the young fighter, just put on a professor highest level, which consists only of battle practical training. Specifically, to the rate of survival can be attributed to the large physical stress level, especially for women. After all, most of them are already well over 40, and after a 5-kilometer forced march they may suffer from an overvalued pressure. In addition, if the lady slightly built, the lift kit with all necessary components (armored helmet, entrenching tool, gas mask) is not a routine task.

Themselves in the middle of the military also have different ideas about what is needed to survive this course to all the polls, or should we limit its passage only combat units.

Some say (that is, the Marines) say that this programm — no it is not a survival course — so, the course of the young fighter which has nothing to do with the basics of survival in extreme situations. According to the views of others — it's nonsense to make clean water pilots or seamen to crawl under tanks or travel long distances in forced marches. After all, if it comes to that, the military ground forces will not be able, if necessary, prepare the aircraft for flight or ship to sail. Because, or need to introduce an additional course for the Army on the mastery of these skills, or to cancel the existing rate of survival for the air and naval forces. Everyone must be engaged in what is trained.

But if you think about it more deeply into the essence of the difficulties, the armed forces can not be non-combat units, as in the criteria for actual combat situation can be so makarom that will have to fend off the enemy, lying in the trenches with a gun instead of sitting behind the wheel of the aircraft or else with a wrench at the ready. Then, and has no health or branch of service, or age will not be a huge difference.

In addition, at least some types of forces implies the presence of soldiers in certain physical and combat training, because "survival rate" will only help to increase their level.

It should also be said that the brand new example program allows you to equip an army of highly skilled spices. It identifies those who came to the service only for the sake of a decent real contentment and does not realize, for which creep into the mud and learn military affairs, if you can sit anywhere on the communications center or headquarters units.

But do not think that this programm is flawless. There also are certain difficulties loaf of the decision which is much more important than the need to talk about it at all. If there is too course, it is better to think about how to improve its effectiveness. First you need to fight with the bad, but, unfortunately, vserasprostranennym phenomenon of passing the final exam fee. This is often practiced at the level of platoon and almost always triggered by its own members, fearful prospect to fail course. But if you begin to hint at the "financial support" course, do not meekly accept, because eliminated, usually, those who voluntarily wrote a report before the start of its passage, or those who have not passed the medical committee. And when the military would screen out during the course, really very small.

Another severe problem — this outfit, and if precisely — purchase it for their funds, which later will not make one. But if to choose between what the government has to offer, and what can be purchased without the help of others, then, of course, better the brakes on the second version. And the place that over time the situation will change for the best. It is unlikely, of course, but still …

Completely may be to imagine that stricter requirements of contract due to the law, which was adopted first in 2012. According to him, will soon be a su
bstantial increase in foreign exchange allowances for military Russian army. Depending on the position and length of an ordinary soldier service contract will receive about 25-35 thousand rubles, and in some cases — up to 42 thousand. In addition, it is also planned increase in compensation for the lease of the dwelling. Such conditions, according to the views of military control, will be willing to serve as a prerequisite for growth. Because apart from the respective age (19-30 years), the presence of upper secondary education, the lack of physical and psychological contraindications, and positive results of tests for aptitude, a course on survival will be one of the reasons for the selection of those who came to the army by vocation.

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