How to destroy the Air Force Academy

December 16 "Free Press" published an exclusive interview with the chief of the Air Force Colonel General Alexander Zelin under the heading "Air Force Commander -" Free Press ":" The truth can only say I am. "Among the rest, we asked about the fate of the Commander in Chief of the Air Force Academy named after Dr. Zhukovsky and Gagarin, which has yet to September 1 was moved from Moscow to Voronezh and Moscow. This decision caused a great scandal in the society and the armed forces. many suspect and continue to suspect that the basis of the order are not the interests of improving our military aviation. Faster — commercial thirst as quickly as possible to implement large areas of expensive suburban land and huge amounts of capital structures, in which trained generations of Russian and Russian military pilots, aircraft engineers, designers and astronauts.

Moreover. Many are convinced that virtually illustrious Academy of the Air Force is gone, there was one title. The reason is that in the short term on the new site is simply unrealistic to recreate the unique educational and scientific base. In addition, most of the military scientists and faculty members, as well as to be expected, refused to move from Moscow to Voronezh and Monino. As it has in the near future will affect the preparation of the team and engineers Russian Air Force — is not worth anyone's guess.

Yet, as necessary from the said interview, Colonel General Zelin is optimistic and does not share our excitement. In an interview, he said, and it said, "The world does not have such number of military educational institutions, as there are here in Russia. In the United States, three of the higher military educational institutions. By type of Forces Academy of the Air Force, Army Academy, Academy of the Navy. If we talk about the Air Force, in a single academy will learn and flight crews and ground staff. And it's true. This will allow, on-1's, to save costs. But even that is not the point: such an approach will allow to make a modern training facilities. Teach officers not because we have done so far: the fingers, with chalk in hand at the board …

I was in the United States, Greece, land of the rising sun, South Korea, China, Singapore, Finland. We have seen with our eyes, which have lagged behind in almost all matters of training and equipment to training facilities. We have so far all the fingers explains. And the world has long made an advanced system. In the Military Aviation Institute in Voronezh they are embedded. There already have advanced computer program that can teach, conduct a test to control. Their clearly is not just a study, and all the people visually learns that the process is complete.

Yes, of course, sorry for the Zhukovsky Academy and the Academy of Gagarin. But when we combine all … Who says that will be easy? Begun the process of unification — the reality is impartial and not some personal desires. "

Reply Colonel General Zelin provoked a strong reaction from our readers, among which many Air Force veterans and current military aviators. The essence of most of the claims expressed "joint venture" the chairman of the doctoral dissertation council Military Training and Research Center Air Force "Air Force Academy. NE Zhukovsky and Y. Gagarin "(BBC VUNTS" BBA "), Lieutenant-General of supplies Ivan Naydenov. Lieutenant-General in 1997-2005. was Deputy Chief of the Air Force Academy named after Yuri Gagarin on educational and scientific work. That is now happening with the academy and training for our Air Force, he knows firsthand.

His worldview short: with the participation of Chief of the Air Force Colonel General Zelin is catastrophic failure of the education system of command personnel Air Force. In fact, it has already been killed.

"SP": — Why is this happening?

— First. When the Minister of Defence appointed a civilian man, God would have it — would make its political functions, and military issues would be engaged in the General Staff … A similar practice exists in the world. But the process went on. For the first time in the history of Russia's military chief of the respective management education Defense was appointed lady — Tamara Fraltsova. At the same time, had never engaged in anything similar. It made a huge military matters. But Fraltsova surprisingly tried to understand the system of training. Encouraged to help themselves to the "elders" in this area, and we helped her. Beginning to penetrate evenly. When we think, has become slow down the process, realizing that lawlessness. Apparently, that's why it is rapidly removed.

Then appeared on the horizon of a new chief Catherine Priezzheva management. Who is she in military education? No one knows. She worked in the "cage" of defense in the tax area on tobacco and alcoholic products. For what she was appointed? You start with Priezzheva talk and immediately develops a memory, it's full of amateur. The answers she gives to the pressing questions of military training, and the documents are signed minister defense with its filing, "con" is not only his, and the most highest authorities of the municipal government. Here is an example. In one of the reports prepared Priezzheva Minister of Defence of the Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said: "… the faculty of Academy Dr NE Zhukovsky and Gagarin is in the pre-retirement and retirement age, which negatively affects the academic and scientific process … ". Neuzh something Priezzheva not know what the retirement age in our armed forces: 45 — Lieutenant Colonel, 50 — Colonel, 55 — General. Where did the conclusion that the retirement age of teachers' negative impact on training and the scientific process? " Then she should advise the president of the Russian Federation to disperse the Russian Academy. There's something many of the staff in general closer to the age of 80.

"SP": — According to the views of Mrs. Priezzheva, teachers must have a military academy years on May 20?

— Apparently today's top bureaucrats in the field of military education engaged in a fraud defense minister.

"SP": — Do not be fooled heavily on who and delude myself happy. But why allow control of the country is?

— Judge for yourself. The President of the Russian Federation March 18, 2011 gives an indication of Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev on hearing of defense for reform of military education. In preparation for the meeting, namely, an agreement was reached with Deputy Patrushev Army General Yuri Baluyevsky Serdyukov and Deputy General of the Army Nikolai Pankov on how to minimize losses from the translation of the Academy in Voronezh. We decided that we needed a transition period up to 2015. During this period, the teaching staff of the Academy would provide a smooth transfer of the learning process to a new location. It was also decided not to open a discussion on the issue of the Security Council.

But the upcoming developments showed that it was outright deception. July 12, 2011 there was an order number 1136 Secretary of Defense to transfer the learning process on September 1 from the military academy in the town of Voronezh Aviation Institute. In just two months! Without any transition! In addition, I believe, the order itself is illegal, since the decision to liquidate the Academy can only accept Russian Federation government, and not minister defense. There are no government regulations on this subject so far not.

"SP": — Let's get to the Academy itself. What happened to her at the moment is going on?

— At first, I should
explain that what is happening is directly related to the reform of military education in general, which is now. Began to reform itself without having any concept and applets. What are the goals going to achieve it by the end of what is needed to do this? Awareness as there was no way. It is decided that the Ministry of Defence should have three military training and research center in each of the Armed Forces and the entire system-10 universities.

In accordance with this decision, in 2008, merged the two academies: Air Force Engineering Academy named after NE And Zhukovsky Air Force Academy named after Yuri Gagarin. Academy named after NE Zhukovsky Academy for the YA Gagarin — alma mater. It was created in the 20s of last century, when the country was hungry and cool. But the management of the country, even in those criteria aware that aviation in future wars will be playing a major role. In 1940, the other day majestically Russian war of "Zhukovka" identified the command department, which transferred to the Monino. In coming to enhance the level of training of commanding officers the Air Force, at its base, and was created by Air Force academy the YA Gagarin.

Definitely can say that about any merger of these academies are now essentially out of the question. Actually occurred as the elimination of the Academy of NE Zhukovsky, and in the upcoming Academy of Yuri Gagarin.

Judge: Made Military educational and scientific center of the Air Force, "Air Force Academy named after NE Zhukovsky and Y. Gagarin "in Monino Order number 1136 from the Secretary of Defense July 12, 2011 is excluded from the educational process, that really means for their elimination. In accordance with the same order of highly qualified professors, teachers, civil servants Academy immediately fired. Regardless of the appeal to the President, the Prime — Minister of Russian Federation, the Supreme Tribunal, the Investigative Committee of the General Prosecutor's Office, the Security Council of the Russian Federation, the Minister of Defence, Chief of the Air Force of the illegality of what is happening, no one gave a clear answer about the need identified actions of the Ministry of Defence. Instead of 27 September there is the government order number 1639, in which it is said that VUNTS must submit a new charter of its own as we have the official government institution.

"SP": — Wait, since September 1, the learning process transferred to Voronezh.

— Quite right. It turns out that the government is not aware of such translation. We are already there, and they say to us, that we presented fatigued. And this disposal is the exact words: "With the preservation of all the main types of functions (and for us, the main function — education), staff-limit and place of work." A function is transferred, the reductions have already taken place, but Priezzheva tells the chief cook VUNTS fatigued, as if nothing happened.

"SP": — In other words, you are given an order to hide from the government, that the Academy is no more?

— Specifically the case. Then we bring the matter to a vote of the conference faculty VUNTS Air Force "BBA". And with the result of 179 — in favor, 1 — vs. 10 — abstentions decide that we got tired of such vote will not. Let us present the explanation of why no government mandate such things happen?

Then, after learning about our decision, some executives secretly told VUNTS up as if we held a conference on the adoption of the statute. We raised a fuss. At a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Defence, Army General Pankov I was told that the sin committed by the criminal. Pankow assured that everything is being done without his knowledge. Next Priezzheva commands even in what ways to take fatigued. And bosses Academy starts doing everything to "unwanted people" did not come to the conference, and came only "pleasing", etc. In the end, though wearied take a huge number of votes "against." We have no doubt that the Minister of Defence here will approve it.

"SP": — What is this? What is the purpose of merging the Air Force Academy, transferred to Voronezh what's left of them? What is enthusiasm?

— That definitely answer this question, we need to work the Chamber and the Prosecutor's Office. But the 1,600 hectares that are occupied from the Air Force Academy. YA Gagarin, 400 acres, which took academy them. Zhukovsky — is a tasty morsel. What will be their fate, no one yet knows. The fact is that not so long ago President Medvedev signed a law that prohibits the Department of Defense to sell land and other property. But by order of the Minister of Defense of the objects on the ground Academy YA Gagarin already sold.

The question arises: why is the minister of defense in the absence of legitimate documents on the Elimination of Academies conducts sale of its facilities?

"SP": — Why specifically Voronezh going to make the aviation capital of Russia? There's not only translated the Academy. At the airport Baltimore, under the very windows of the city's residents, with some far — the largest in the European part of the airbase. Not so long ago, there is ferried to the same squadron of new Sukhoi Su-34. What is it — a total of highbrow calculations of Staff?

— Nothing highbrow is not here. Simply the sum of the interests of individuals, including the suspect, and commercial interests, was such that they were profitable for the main base of our Air Force and Chief training center to do in this town.

Deserves a separate story the story of how our employees were leaving to Voronezh. Akentyev colonel arrived from the Department of Defense military education, he had gathered all the teaching staff — 400 people — and said: "Comrades, by such and such circumstances occurs relocation Academy in Voronezh. Those who agree to continue to work there, ask to stay in the classroom — we will continue the conversation. Others may be available. "

From the audience came out virtually everything — there are only two associate. Then Akentyev began to call certain people and read: "All the same, there will be nothing. In Voronezh, you protect thesis and continue the service. In the unlikely event receive nothing and will be laid off in store without shelter. "

In the upcoming, Air Force Commander met with the heads of departments had made a "pumping": "I send you to serve on a submarine, you will not go anywhere. 'll Fire without apartments. " That's how they scraped together 29 people from 400. Most or adjuncts, or those who remained had risen one — two years. For example, the head of the department of combat training and safety officer appointed to a good, but not spent or 1 hour sessions. He himself is required emergence as a teacher. In normal conditions, that grow to the head of the department, should be taught at least 10 years of age. You know what the outcome of all this outrage? Since September 1, was ordered held in Voronezh first lecture with the audience, and nothing is ready, the theme of the first session with future commanders were focused on how to dig trenches in the sand and mud terrain. And it was listening to the future of our highest command of the Air Force!

"SP": — And why such a quixotic topic?

— Yes, as a lecture there had previously read the cadets of the Voronezh Military Aviation Institute. Lectures on other topics, the audience was trivial to some officers to read. At the moment they are rebuilding plans, programs of study. But recovers — is not restored until the flight-discipline to read the high command is still some.

"SP": — The academies and Zhukovsky and Gagarin always trained a lot of strangers, you even have the faculties to train foreign pilots. At the moment, they will travel to Voronezh?

— Yes, we h
ave studied the flight crews from more than 25 countries. Currently, foreign students, too, are forced to go to Voronezh. According to my disk imaging, they have to attend classes shall be removed, since they do not meet the needs of professionals such level of training. They say that the ambassadors of certain states took to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov said that they have sent their own pilots in the academy world-class, not in the little-known training center in Voronezh. Stated: "We need a diploma Academy of Zhukovsky and Gagarin." Then it was decided to assign the name of the Voronezh Center Academy Zhukovsky and Gagarin, that on the diploma was a global brand.

"SP": — And in fact they will be taught to dig trenches in the sandy soil?

— Well and still long to be taught. Our academy as namolennye temple. To make the Voronezh University, similar to ours, is useful more than 12-15 years.

"SP": — And in the 15 years the Majors Captains, who are now enrolled in the academy, will be promoted to major general, will occupy the highest positions of command, but will only be able to dig trenches in the sandy soil?

— That's right, the other can not be.

"SP": — In other words, we can buy modern planes tyschami though, but if the command is not adequately prepared, the good still will not?

— Obviously, Zelin, in my opinion, — a catchy example of that: his unsuccessful mission commander has led to the fact that he actually destroyed the Air Force as a branch of the armed forces. You know how people have tuned in Monino? Past elections have shown it. In our military in 43% voted for the Communist Party, 19% — for the "Fair Russia", 15% — 13% and the Liberal Democratic Party — for the "United Russia". As a result of the 15 seats of the Communist Party candidates received 12, and only 2 have got the "United Russia".

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