How to divide the killed bears skin, or Azerbaijan is trying to cut off a piece of the Iranian pie

How to divide the killed bear's skin, and Azerbaijan is trying to cut a piece of the Iranian pieIn the first days of February the international community was forced to direct more attention to Azerbaijani parliament. What kind of event that led to an instant resonance could occur in the walls of the Milli Majlis? The fact is that at a meeting of opposition MPs have put forward the idea that the present title of the country in which they happen to live and work, does not correspond to historical reality. It turns out that the title of "Republic Azerbaijan"Should be changed to" North Azerbaijan ", which, of course, highlights the presence and Azerbaijan, as a minimum, the South. And such indeed is. Besides a couple of times larger than that of Azerbaijan, the capital of which at this point is the city of Baku.

Only here's the rub in the fact that this is the South Azerbaijan geographically belongs to Iran and so far no manifestations of the people's will to unite with the Aliyev of Azerbaijan does not show. With all of this in the South, or as it is officially called, consists of Iranian Azerbaijan and East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan, plus a couple of provinces of Zanjan and Ardebil. The combined population of the area is about 30 million people.

It would seem that there is nothing extraordinary in the fact that some opposition lawmaker expressed quite scandalous idea, which looks like a trivial claims to redraw the boundaries of currently available. We in the State Duma, is also missing those members of the opposition, which is calling for Russian fighter rinse boots in the Indian Ocean (though later on officially deny any involvement in his own words), then throw the bomb at the stern, then all non-system opposition hanged on lampposts. But further parliamentary clowning is not coming.

But in Baku situation looks somewhat different. The idea to change the name of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Northern Azerbaijan not only expressed opposition deputies, and supported by the ruling party "Yeni Azerbaijan". The same idea is also supported by the representatives of the other political forces, such as the party "Motherland", which is considered pro-government. Specialists in Azerbaijan have long beheld no such convergence of the parliamentary opposition and the majority of the imperative in the parliament.

But this unity must be based on something. And the basis of this kind really is. This base may be only likely anger the U.S. and NATO against Iran. By the way, you can imagine that the thought that came to a head the opposition and supported by the ruling party, in fact had been planted in the Milli Mejlis of the outside, as with all due respect to the independence of Azerbaijan today, so global thinking can not be considered the prerogative of Parliament, far from the status of superpower, able to redraw the map of the world.

Maybe the West led by the United States, Iran is trying to find a painful point, which will be used for their own purposes. This sore point, and that should be the "South Azerbaijan", the population of which can be used as a revolutionary mass. It turns out that once again certain forces are trying to run the traditional scenario where the country is cultivated inside the controlled (to a point) the opposition. And then this opposition, receiving tribute financing, will do the trick, as happened in Libya is happening in Syria and could happen in Russia. Only now, the Americans do not want to flaunt themselves, and try to solve the problem of someone else's hands. Suitable for this "hands" were Azerbaijani. Say, if Baku longs to show their loyalty to the United States, then let him try to undermine Iran his existing skills. Therefore had the idea of renaming today Azerbaijan in northern Azerbaijan.

In this case, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev to make tough choices: go on about the "generators" of daring thoughts, or show the West that such adventures for him completely unacceptable.

Do not forget that Azerbaijan — the government, bordering on Russia, because at least some conflict in the South Caucasus machine can spread to the North Caucasus, which already measured not name. In addition, Azerbaijan is the Gabala radar station, which is leased Russian Federation. By the way, is already quite soon comes the term of its lease. If Baku does not wish to renew the lease, and further, will be immediately clear which chooses the path of future development in today's Azerbaijan. However, the press has got the information that the sovereign Aliyev, in principle, in favor of the extension of the term of the Russian military in the Republic, but with all this planning to repeatedly increase the rent of Gabala radar station. If the upcoming lease is approved by the Azerbaijani side, all these words about the origin on a world map of North Azerbaijan are in fact the case, stupid. After playing a double game for Baku to discover more.

The situation with the Iraqi Kurds, too, at one point, was applied Yankees for their own purposes, but no later than one Kurdistan on the world map does not appear. Because you can definitely talk about the fact that the South Azerbaijan, which Tipo can become part of the Great Azerbaijan, this is just profit for Baku. Of course, Snow White House will not agree to it, so that in the event of a successful campaign against Tehran to give Aliyev large piece of land of Iran.

In addition, in the case of counterproductive focus on the crushing of Iran and the refusal to cooperate with Russia, Baku may lose more than it gains. If Calculate how many Azerbaijanis now working on territory of Russia, the closure of borders between the two states would Baku in huge financial losses. And then it is unlikely to help the South American, if this will be provided in general, override these losses.
This again proves that the ghost in the bush now does not bode positive for today's Azerbaijani government.

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