How to ensure the safety of the baby in the Network

How to ensure your child's safety on the NetNursery safety be always in first place in at least some area of life. As adults are worried about the safety of kids on the roads, in schools, on walks, so need to worry about the security of their virtual life online website.

There are a few rules of mandatory to perform their parents, children who are "global network." By the way, these kids getting bigger, not quite who of today's 10 — year olds are not familiar with the virtual world. Statistics says that his first visit to the kids make in 5-6 years, residents of large cities are yuzerami web even earlier.

To get started is equipped with a PC, which is used by baby, modern antivirus program that needs ad blocker, the "parental controls" that disable child access to unnecessary resources.

Do not let a child just starting out to the user, to perform an independent Internet surfing.

Transfer the ban acquainted with strangers on the street and in Network, explain to their own offspring, or daughter, it is just not safe, as in the real world.

Explain that giving your personal details, the address, mobile number, credit card number, etc. not anyone, nor on the forums or in social networks. Also it is necessary to limit the use of baby webcam, let it be done only under the supervision of an adult. Often through the connected camera can be carried out cyber espionage, because unplug the device when it is idle.

Also, use the special applets, disable pop-ups. With self-visit the Web your baby is grown up software does not allow him to walk on a catchy marketing link to unnecessary resource.

Be careful posting photos or videos personally like the Web. It is appropriate to the expression "word is not a sparrow," only for it though which file or disk imaging. Even in the case of withdrawal of the previously placed material is no guarantee that someone has not copied them and saved on your computer, and further uses of these materials in damage.

Throw into the extreme and generally prohibit child use the Network — not an option. In 1-x, the ban always You can work around all the more difficult to reach that always causes excessive enthusiasm. And in-2, E now — a storehouse of disk imaging, often useful. B-3, Network already so firmly established in our life, it's hard to imagine being a child and even modern baby who is not familiar with it. And amazingly enough it will look a parent forbidding own offspring or daughter visiting the web.

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