How to fight ethnic separatism. About the Chinese experience with the distinctive cultures

How to deal with ethno-separatism.  About the Chinese experience with the "distinctive cultures"Nedavneshnie measures taken by the Chinese authorities in Tibet so extensively reflected in the global media, that of randomness read is not necessary. Moreover, they are not only where the usual thoroughness, — like the "special position" — and quite obviously came in response to provocation from abroad. After all, it would seem, after daveshny failure of the Dalai Lama, Tibetan spiritual favorite, from "all forms of violence and separatism", the situation was the obvious improvement: the inhabitants of the mountainous region have allowed to install satellite dishes, and exactly a year before several thousand believers — in the first times! — Have received permission to travel to India for the role in the fundamental religious prazdnichkom held personally Dalai Lama. Meanwhile, in one conversation to which another 10 years back could be forever fall into the bunk. And now, here you are: the antenna in the Tibet Autonomous Region of the newly demolished, and foreign passports are confiscated. Moreover, hundreds of returnees and seemingly nothing wrong committed no pilgrims were arrested and different (from 3 months to 2-years) period went to the "educational camps."


Since Tibet, considered — especially after the mass Chinese settlement there — in fact tamed, in fact this is not. Although, in theory, should have been: a tremendous and strategically very principled mountainous country degraded in the criteria "theocracy llamas," specifically the Chinese "occupation" to the fact that not only not died out, but at the very least and developing. Not to mention the various "minor" infrastructure, but only the "human factor", the average life expectancy of Tibetans for 50 years, "Chinese oppression" rose from 34 to 69.5 years. Similarly, the average education reached almost 100% rebyatni (as opposed to 1.8% — the same figure, half a century ago). And moreover, Tibetan Youth allocated quotas for admission to the lightweight Chinese universities, after which they receive a very prestigious there the standards for jobs — with the only true limitation — not in Tibet.

Yet, the problem of separatism from the agenda of day or expunged. No matter how many ironic "civilized" the media about the "fantasies of Beijing", the reality yavna: softening of the central government, indeed, has led to an extension of the subversive activities of foreign centers for many decades in a row specializing in Tibetan area. And in the end, if in 2009, at the start of "appeasement" when promoting the "struggle for independence" as if (though why the "as if"?) On orders subsided, burned himself just two Buddhist monks, then in 2011 About eighty-m, — and not only llamas, who do not care what method fall into nirvana, and ordinary farmers. However, as it turned out, in the main, or the owners of satellite dishes, or visit diligent "screening rooms" in the Buddhist monasteries, oriented to the Dalai Lama.

It is logical that China is taking positive action. Not so even that scorched a pity, but because every incident of this kind of pounding the style of China, causing a parallel desire to "emulate the heroes' in rural communities in the TAR. Officially announcing the self-immolation "barbarism" and "savagery" (which is fully consistent with the truth), the authorities in law equated with the murderers of all, one way or another who knew the intention of the deceased.

In parallel, as already mentioned, are confiscated satellite dishes capable of catching the transmission Radio Free Asia or Voice of America, and in return the equipment is installed, which allows to look over 200 central and provincial, — variety, and even very good, but the Chinese — channels. And, of course, the most "confiscation of passports." Not quite "taking", true, but for a Tibetan document, as opposed to "just Chinese" must sign a special document. In practice, a receipt, which obliges him "not to participate abroad in the illegal activities that are harmful to the state." And if the obligation is violated, then the bullpen and forever. This is the norm of the new law particularly unnerving for some reason, "Friends of Tibet" for the cordon, and specifically on its wave of criticism raining down today.

And, certainly, the most fundamental. Eradication campaign began Tibetan language in general, as a phenomenon. Watch the Tibetan language are reduced, the number of subjects taught in Chinese, in contrast, grows up courses "mother tongue" in monasteries in general is prohibited. But, everything is done in an intelligent way. Above the "program explanation" work best teachers and psychologists Middle Kingdom, about how bad and burning Chinese and, conversely, "not burning and not prestigious" Tibetan explain the 10's top-notch cartoons, TV series, youth shows, movies, songs and stars of all levels. Objectives applets are not particularly hidden. In any case, the fall of 2012 one of Ma Syuytsin (transcription from the British, maybe not very accurate), a functionary of the level at which the voices of higher world, but never they say to themselves, did not even slightly out of habit frank confessions. Namely, pointing out that "the unity and prosperity of China is more important than the preservation of cultural traditions of the 1st of nations," and if "Tibetan language will disappear entirely, but instead every Tibetan will be cultured, educated and wealthy person, it would be, the wisest exchange. "

In fact the case, is a race.

Tibet's spiritual favorite was and still alive, remains, obviously, the Dalai Lama, who refused — and apparently, with all my heart — from the policy of separatism. But he is old and it is almost gone, and all the real work "of Tibetan opposition" in exile run "public" (in the sense that all communities in exile) favorites "democratic government in exile" led by Lobsang Sangay, enjoying full U.S. support and insist on "real autonomy of Tibet." Bane of the Dalai Lama — and 77 years is 77 years — certainly, will give impetus to start the next confrontation, and here's someone who did not, that was late.

And here — whoa.

China, of course, is fascinating.

But fascinating, in my opinion, at first, as a proving ground where one way or another tried out all the applets and projects implemented against all those who entered in the unfortunate list of "waiting for democratization." Starting with "restructuring" that the Soviet Union and China, as you know, had in many ways, and the results are there.

And then there was all.

First — frankly feels almost Western-sponsored promotion of Islamic radicalism in Xinjiang, which ended in that, after a series of sweeps, the scale of which can be only guess, the question came down to day or agenda.

Then the "innocent" sect "inspirational gymnastics" Gong — in fact, the reserve of the future "street fighters" — which currently holed favorites in exile, and millions of assets serving the long-standing time.
And so, in the end, the rate of Tibet. With the respective reaction — judging by the fact that Beijing so far in this
direction could all that has any chance of success.
Of course, if there is political will.

But this will, based on the number of corrupt officials of every rank, every year being shot in Zhongguo, eat, and not just there, but with supplies of strength for many years.

That's it.

And if someone wants to, read and re-read, uglyadet herein hint — well, I do not mind.

PS Editorial: obviously, the experience of China is not applicable to all countries — China is actually not an empire, and naikrupneyshee national government, naturally tends to monoethnicity. On the other hand, we are armed with experience of the past 25 years and we know exactly what the flagships of "national cultures" grown USSR as the educational elite media for peripheral languages of the empire, was the ideology not only offices, but often ethnocide Russian in their own territories.

So the Chinese experience, of course, deserves careful study.

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