How to get a registration certificate without breaking the law?

How to get a registration certificate without breaking the law?

How to get a registration certificate without breaking the law?Many people understand that registration certificate is a certificate of the citizen, which subject to military conscription. Given document provides draft board during the passage of a national medical board and military registration. Typically, the document issued at school.

If you need to get the service registration card, then in addition to passing the medical board will need more

cobrat documents: passport, a copy of a birth certificate, a few black-and-white photo format 3×4, registration certificate, references from school or work, parents completed form, the form which gives the military commissariat, profile test for the recruit, the results of medical examinations, a copy of high school diploma, certificate of studies.

Gets the service registration recruitment office because he can enter configuration to the list of necessary documents. If a citizen has a deferment from military service, the military enlistment record in the the attached befitting entry ticket.

So makarom if you just passed a medical examination and provided the necessary documents to the military, then getting the attached does not cause any problems. But there are citizens who for various reasons were not able to get military service registration card, but without it they closed the path to higher education institutions, local government agencies to change or obtain new documents, etc.

Because the attached should be every citizen!

If you get the service registration card, which is a serious form of reporting and protected water marks, for you could not and you care about in this situation, how to get the service registration, do not rush to hasty conclusions and to find means of "masters" that the subway will offer to you a false certificate . The decision to purchase registration certificate will not be the best, because in the end you will have a form that is stolen or written off. And if you're thinking — "Just buy a service registration and get rid of the problem" — do not jump to conclusions, as the difficulty you will at some point, because the truth may be the worst possible time to swim to the surface. Better give up the idea to purchase service registration try to find a legitimate method to become a happy owner of this document.

To do this, go to organizations that specialize legal assistance to conscripts who posodeystvuyut tribute to you assemble the documents and complete all the necessary procedures.

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