How to get compensation for insurance from an insurer bankruptcy Avtopolis

How to get compensation for insurance from an insurer bankruptcy Avtopolis

Virtually every car owner knows the utility that brings the car insurance. But there is in our country and those who are familiar with car insurance on the other, the negative side. And the culprit steel companies that did not survive the difficult economic criteria, which take place in the country and the world, and bankrupt. Now, the car owner can not receive payments in the event of the coming of the insurance options. It may be that the car owner povinet himself. So he, relying only on the calculator CTP, and elected a company that offered lower fees, and not a company that meets all the aspects of reliability.

But, later to find those responsible, if the insured event occurred, and the victim wishes to receive it relies on the law of the payment, because it has the full right to them, as though no other car owner, which during enters all believing contributions. In fact, all is not as bad as it seems at first glance. You can reassure those car owners, because they are entitled by law to all the entitlements.

PCA will pay them, which a fund for such payments. Payment will be put to the victim, if the company has license revoked.

True PCA makes payments to victims, in what is CTP insurance, not insurance CASCO. First you need to write an application for compensation by the body. The request must provide documents that show an accident, make insurance policy. Also need documents that indicate the right to remedies that claim by the victim. In addition, the required documents such as a passport, driver's license, and document that the car is in the accessories.

If a payment was denied, and you think that truth is on your side, then you can try to apply to the tribunal. Only once have to be patient, you want to wait out all the red tape that are sure to appear in court proceedings. Harder it will be to summon the means for hull insurance policy, if company, where the policy has been received, considered zero.

In the forthcoming, if most can not choose a reliable insurance company, it is best to use the services provided by the insurance broker. He will recommend not only a company that is reliable, well, the one with the small cheat for their services. If the services of the company, which has recommended a broker, do not fool your expectations, it will be possible to use them in coming.

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