How to inflame the latest religious war in the North Caucasus?

How to inflame a new religious war in the North Caucasus?In the near future, as it is sad to admit, but most of the Russians has got used to the fact that the terrorist situation in the Caucasus, especially in Dagestan is very unfavorable. Information about terrorist acts targeted militants in Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, or Dagestan actually became commonplace. But even against this terrorist hell happened not so long ago, the terrorist attack in Dagestan almost roused the Muslim community. Last Tuesday at his home was killed Sheikh Said Afandi, who was known as one of the most spiritual pochetaemyh favorites republic having the 10's of thousands of followers.

According to the official disk imaging sheikh Said Afandi al-Chirkavi (Chirkeisk) was fatally injured after being in the house caused by a bomb suicide bomber, which became the sheikh in the guise of pilgrims. It has even been reported to her name: Alla Saprykina, to take his time, Islam and became Aminat Kurbanova. Frame it did so resonant sin as an act of terrorism in the house pochetaemogo spiritual favorite in revenge for the fact that not so long ago, security forces have killed her husband — a representative of the Dagestan-underground bands.

But the official disk imaging in Dagestan believe far not all. Already at the funeral Said Afandi, turnout, according to some reports, more than 70 thousand people were uttered the first words to the effect that by the death of a favorite spiritual things are far not individual terrorists speak out so small spill, and representatives of the far more force. And the goal of this task force was not so much to remove specifically Sheikh Said Afandi, and to use this murder, so once again bump heads representatives of the different branches of Islam, living in the land of multi-ethnic Dagestan.

The fact that Said Afandi soon gained fame in the most realistic plan to find ways of reconciliation for the representatives of the so-called "pure Islam" — Salafists — with representatives of Islam usual. It is clear that through outreach Sheikh, many of Salafism, which in its own constructive manifestation tightly fit to Wahhabism, with all the consequences become more tolerant of people of other Islamic sects. This educational activity has promoted greatly smooth the religious confrontation in Dagestan, which is still 10-15 years ago almost torn apart by the Republic.

If we consider the fact that a religious base in the North Caucasus in general and in Dagestan and it has a great sense of public and often acts as the basic tool for the regulation of public relations, it is completely possible to admit that, indeed, certain forces activities Said Afandi could be as a bone in the throat. Do not forget that the authority of the Sheikh was in the country is so high that thousand and thousands of inhabitants of Dagestan called themselves the direct followers of Said Afandi. This means that the left without their own spiritual favorite of Muslims who adhere to traditional forms of Islam can tomorrow to grab the gun in order to take revenge on the killers. And for those who ran into the house of Sheikh bomber, specifically that it is necessary. It turns out that the attack could be organized for the new incitement to religious hatred in the land of the already troubled and turbulent North Caucasus republic.

If we talk about the evil intent suicide bombers Aminat Kurbanova, then it really could be, but only at the level of intent, sorry, stoned novoveruyuschey that by notorious ways assured that she should take revenge for the destruction of his own wife and become a sufferer . In other words, Kurbanova (Saprykina) if and has been applied, then went to the destruction, of course, not on his own behalf, and at the instigation of the part of those who pursued a much more global goals murder of a noble Muslim spiritual leader.

However, with this terrorist Qurbonova is there is another disconnect. If you analyze all the messages that were born in the last six months, with the official representatives of law enforcement, it turns out that Kurbanova (Saprykina) blows himself last year alone has at least the second time … First, in May 2012 there were reports that Aminat Kurbanova as a recruiter suicide bomber drove up Muslimat Aliyev to the police post "AK-30" in Dagestan's capital, then the car flew into the air — it went off, resulting Kurbanov and Aliyev died. Fact Qurbonova death was recorded by law enforcement officials.
It turns out that one or the exploded car was totally Kurbanov or no Kurbanova commit a terrorist attack in the house of Sheikh Afandi. Talk about the coincidence of the names of various 2-suicide is not necessary, since in both cases the Dagestani police released a photo of the 1st and the same person …

If even regarding the name of suicide bombers have questions, and even then the motives specifically Qurbonova can be a long debate. Again be seen that Kurbanova (Saprykina) (if the house of Sheikh was she) was used as an obvious means for solving large problems. A big task there could be only one: to once again make a fire destabilization in Dagestan also on a religious basis.

It is necessary to see that the Sheikh Said Afandi, many called one of the main ideologists of the prevention of recruitment of young people in the Dagestani militants. Sheikh directly confronted the care of local young people, as it is read into the forest, which could serve as one of the reasons for so resonant crimes. Said Afandi, through his own reason and authority, was able to find a point for the consolidation of representatives of different religious sects of Islam in Dagestan, but this is the most obvious of his work crossed the interests of those for whom the state of Dagestan in the ongoing war is a typical and very profitable business. With all of this, such forces realize that political slogans in Dagestan now can attract far not all, but the escalation of sectarian violence — it is a real public bomb that could split the population of the country apart.

In this regard, one can read that Dagestan is now in a very difficult situation. People who are spiritually close to Sheikh Said Afandi, of course, themselves eager to find and punish the real customers murder. But then at least some manifestation of revenge will cause new conflicts not only with the radicals, but even with the Salafis, who thanks to the sheikh decided to compromise with the conventional Islam. On the other hand, the samples contain the emotions in themselves and their own communities, may give rise to new crimes by those sponsoring organization and constructive attacks their representatives. By the way, these same individuals may not even be on the territory of Russia. As you know, wanting to make a giant tinderbox Caucasus in order to break away from the North Caucasus area of, abound.

Must recall that not so long ago took an attempt on the mufti of Tatarstan, as his deputy Valiulu Yakupova, which (Yakupov) died of wounds.

Can these atrocities against pochetaemyh Islamic clergy in various parts of the country call the links in the same chain? Completely. After saying that terrorism, whatever religious or national standards of purity, he can cover, in fact has one goal — the desire of certain forces to get to the levers of power and money using methods based on ideological hostility and bloodshed.

In this regard, clear sample of Dagestani security forces "quick find" the perpetrators of the murder of Sheikh Said Afandi to comfort the people of Da
gestan. However, in this case, law enforcement has already haste play a cruel joke (about 2-lives Aminat Kurbanova) and led to a complete lack of confidence in relation to the organs of internal affairs with the public side of the country.

There are even calls Dagestani President forms the religious militia (by the way, here and there something similar we have not heard for a long time), and try to resist their own iniquity. It turns out that even Magomedsalam Magomedov, a priori, which should be based on the representatives of the Interior Ministry, says about some obscure formations designed on the basis of its own statute to restore order. Weird words … At this rate, our country is completely transform the country vigilantes (Orthodox, Muslim, etc.), which, according to the views of certain individuals will be better managed to control the situation in the country and the observance of religious and legal norms. Is not that the shortest path to the public chaos which suggests opponents of Russian union of peoples and faiths? .. Is not that the goal pursued customers assassination of Sheikh Said Afandi? ..

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