How to insulate the roof top of the truss construction?

Roof insulation on top of truss construction is the good method of thermal insulation of attics, which provides a continuous thermal circuit without breaks or cracks. Truss beams are not afraid to fluctuations in temperature, there is no thermal deformation of materials. In addition, this has a more effective sound insulation in the middle of all the structures using Mansar similar in thickness of the insulation layer and the widest interior space. Yet, this does not mean that a thermal imaging survey done inappropriately, it is better to be safe and to be fully prepared.

When building a residential attic space, with one unit of thermal insulation, use only special diffusion film, and the vapor barrier must possess superior resistance to mechanical reasons, so do not push for when walking. This one can explain the fact that the first carpenters to install in the rafters interior decoration, and only later placed a vapor barrier, and glued all the laps. Subsequent studies on thermal insulation they do move on the vapor barrier film.

It is worth remembering, and some disadvantages such schemes warming. These one can attributed — at the complexity of the installation work on roofs with complex shapes of valleys, the dependence on weather criteria and the need to use protective coatings.

How to insulate the roof top of the truss construction? What is a bridge that is cold and thermal imager?

This design elements, the heat leakage through which more active in comparison with other parts of the house construction. In most cases, they are poorly insulated corners of rooms, crossing the wall and connecting them to the joists. To verify this, can at the first chills after the construction of the house (do not expect a heavy frost) to use to check for the imager. No need, I think, to explain what it did for the device, already all know what a thermal imager and how to use it in everyday necessities, namely thermal imaging inspection of the roof and build structures.

If you find heat leaks, can apply to the construction company, to build your house, which is at their own expense to remove all made in the process of construction errors. In some cases, one can dispense with the thermal imager. In areas of heat loss through the roof, one can follow the appropriate spots on the roof covering frost. Order a thermal imaging survey you will be able to PERGAM company, is one of the few companies in the market which thermal imaging for over 16 years of experience in the field of thermal imaging diagnostics enormous. Special Company of Pergamum Engineering on thermal oblsedovaniyu — Sergey Molchanov, Tel: (495) 775-75-25 (additional 227).

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