How to keep a job with Feng Shui


If you reduce staff at work, you can rely on their own hard work and experience, and not to worry. But often a big role in this issue plays luck. With the help of feng shui your chances to retain the position will increase many times.

Masters of Feng Shui believe that luck is often visited by people who are most pure and radiant energy. So to start it you just need to clean it. Spend the chores around the house and in the workplace, look at how the table is set, there is not aimed directly at you the flow of negative energy through a window from any sharp corner of the building.

Reinforce the so-called zone of Careers in the house, which is located in the northern part of the room. It is recommended to install the mascots: plants, as well as a table lamp blue or blue.

The element of water is of great importance to the issue of career, so take a shower more often, visit the pool, as if washing off the anxiety and excitement. If the album remained in the home a picture that was taken when you first started to work, then put it in a frame and put it in the zone Career. We can also put the images and successful person with whom you would like to take an example.

Regularly inspire myself the idea that your life will succeed. Find blue mug and drink water from it before going to bed half and then waking up to the end.

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