How to keep the family together?

When two loving hearts acquire friend another, and to her and it seems that this is forever, but sometimes it happens that takes a couple of years and love disappears somewhere as something illusory and ephemeral. With all this the guys there asked why he had to put so much effort to find out how to win a lady, if love is still far behind. But far not all couples step over the line of misunderstanding. Many people can not avoid quarrels and conflicts, and to maintain its love for long years. So what is the real cause of long and loving relationship between the wives? Let's try to answer this sensitive issue.

How to keep the family together?

It turns out that most of the couples who come to the point beyond which only a divorce, do not want to create in each other the right people at each other. Muzhik is such that it ceases to be aware of the lady, and lady, seems to do everything to realize its finished man. It turns out that this is a dead end, which spouses themselves and organize. But out there, and out of this impasse. Psychologists in this case recommend a few things at once.

In 1-x, you just need to overcome their own negative towards their own wife (his own wife). To do this quite a few times to compromise and wait to own the second half of the same.

In-2, is "rewind" time back. To do this, try to make the unique atmosphere when the couple doted each other. A good option for the creation of such a situation may be separation. It is true that happens and so that separation completely separates the husband and wife and makes them quite strangers.

If you want to know how to learn to live in love from the first day or dating, you have to learn the main rule. This rule is to have your own views on a certain occasion at a constant ability to compromise. If you spouse (Your wife) will play along with this rule, the life of your family peace and mutual respect will settle for long years. Loving friend another man and the lady must always give way. But with all this, too, can not always give in, otherwise one of the spouses is not to be perceived differently, as manifested weakness and dependency status.

A clear advantage of the families who behold the coveted each other partners in the fact that these families are more perfectly controlled with encountered difficulties in their way. Because learn to build each other partner, which is always just go through life and do not ever think that there are bad situation. Exit at least some situations you can find where to wait for it previously did not have to.

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