How to kill the worlds population. Primer

If I was a maniac, a misanthrope who owns a lot of power over his minions, then in front of me, inevitably at some point got to question the world a lot of these vile, contemptible fellows, like so much to do, so there are not a lot of them? In the benchmark — generally just me and my minions. Although there is little you can throw for subsequent bullying them and there various household needs. Well, to power my home with electricity, and me — the food.

Here subtlety: all the classic vicious methods do not give the desired result. For example, if you make a nuclear voynushku, you will die no more than billion, and the other 5 will probably angry resistance to their own extinction. Straseni deadly virus will quarantine zones, improve medical diagnostics and other global precautions. In general, whatever turn the people once united to counter what destroys them.

Because for the destruction of people, you must first separate them. Prevent the association even in the face of a common danger.

With this purpose in mind to be introduced adequate idea. For example, "every man for himself", "Its a shirt close to your body," "my house — my fortress." Films created by my agents must pass these thoughts naive viewers through scenes of the form "one brave hero (with whom the audience identifies itself) against the fierce him the world" or "life — shit, people — the filth, but there is booze, coke and charming bitterness of decadence . "

On a subconscious level one must consider at least some staff in their specific enemy, whose sole purpose — to get into the messy personal life of the individual and muddy footprints in her own Zapyataev feet. Called such a concept must somehow generously, for example, "freedom" or "independence." And to avoid the disclosure of my tricky manipulation, at the same time should introduce the idea, as if "it is not good in principle, to try to influence others." Of course — in fact on their way influence just me!

When the neutralization step of the saving of collectivism is overcome, one can cross to the specific destruction. But it should be remembered that the apparent threat even depressed collectivism may again raise its head. Because no need to flog a fever: destruction of mankind should be unhurried, gradual, imperceptible and therefore particularly reliable. It is even better if people would seem that in fact we have to be an increase in their wealth.

Modern man can not survive without the same benefits of modern civilization — electricity, medicine and so on. With all of this, if they are destroyed, then return them for a short term does not, and therefore Makar, the world's population will die out. The most reliable of these things destroyed when winding up the real basis of all this — in other words the production. But just to rovnenky place to kill all creation will not work — people, accustomed to consider the productive work of the honorable and useful, will resist the destruction of production, even on a purely visceral level.

In other words, so that it collapsed, to dissuade people in honor of creative work.

In this context, the perfect way to "consumption without production." People have to get used to take for himself in the use of many things, but do not give anything real in return. Nothing material, including discovery, drawings, works of art, etc.. The existence of such a method, previously relied immoral now should be recognized as the only true. It is also possible to somehow abuse the euphemistically — "sverhindustrialny way," I do not know. But the meaning remains the same: each should get used to the fact that creating a really useful — very bad. Those who do are in-1's, do not earn enough and therefore do not have much to eat, and in-2, they are second-class citizens in general. Sweaty, obtuse or there eggheads. The ordinary man, like, is able to "get", and others, fuckers like fool to work. "Settle" in this context means either receive funds in general for anything, or (not so honorable, but it is better than the other) to be engaged in the redistribution produced.

Normal man, in addition, in their spare time is occupied easy consumption, and not different there crap for bo? Stop, such as self or hobby. In other words, the average person in your free time strolling through the shops and buy works of others, even if it is not necessary — just "this gives him a sense of his own status." Means the same for purchases produced by others, as mentioned above, he receives from the assignment or redistribution produced by others.

Even more hard-nosed in his creative impulse will not be able to withstand such a longish period of time. Without the tools, and even despised — so virtually any try to escape from that of existence. Like, you can work in science for three crusts of bread, and you can throw this useless exercise and retrain as traders. When delivered correctly process the wages of all employees in the creative work will be so small that even the work of a trader in a tent on the outskirts of the town will seem manna from heaven, at one point collapsed from heaven.

Obviously, many will begin to suspect something. They will pursue the idea that without the production and consumption will also become impossible. But you can dispel their doubts with a magical concept, which boils down to the fact that the true exchange of banknotes something organized itself miraculously fix. Every single person he will not be involved in productive work, but magical image will instill confidence in him, that's all right. For example, we can state that an invisible golden calf abundance pours from their own horns products directly on the shelves. Unless, of course, in a society rather high degree of free enterprise — this update will give me the opportunity to support the universal obsession, even at a time when the proximity of a complete end to all have to be looming in the eyes of every second. "Yes, yes, everything is so bad — I'll read through the mouth of my agents — because zavistnoe cattle with totalitarian countries are still interfering in private affairs more successful citizens."

The inhabitants of the more developed countries, after a while completely grow out to see them back and get used to not give assurance that creation for suckers. Vpribavok invisible golden calf like he will push to their former creation and their former science in the direction of the least advanced countries, which some time and it will drag on for all the world creation, but after a while, and all the world of science.

Here, the question is now how to create and kill it too? Trivial! It is necessary to push these countries any accusation-that I do not know what they have in garment factories can create a chemical weapon, and the government has hitherto heterosexual orientation. And then the bomb together with their factories and institutions.

Podsokratili war the population of these States and sow chaos in them that will allow them to not rebuild the factory back. In advanced countries, build factories, and no one is unwilling.

What, by the way, these countries have to deal with people? The answer is simple: they have to resell each other more nerazbomblennyh produced in third world countries and give each other money in debt to commit the aforesaid purchases. Moreover, data on credit facilities should be considered as "no worse than cash" and lend receipts on debt recovery too. And receipts for obtaining receipts. After some time, the number of "virtual" money will be so impressive that at least some woodpecker had flown just ruin the whole economy at once. Even if the factory still might be, they could all get up
at once just because somewhere on the other side of the world someone does not believe someone's receipt.

In general mind-boggling ability to "credit economy" to stop something that is not even braked by the collapse of the Moon to the Earth, as if specially designed for the destruction of the world's population. It's just magic: everything is in place, but the guys are working as well as in some places some papers were valued less than appreciated yesterday. Combined creating a virtually nonexistent, it — a guarantee of success.

Separately, we should say more about the problem of one: educated people. These people represent a huge problem of for at least some maniac destroyer of mankind, as not only can predict the consequences, and even more do not try to fix what happened.

Not to mention the fact that they are — at least some base of modern manufacturing. Practically, destroy them — there will be no production as such, even if machines and devices will still be available.

In the end, because of their own stupid habit of thinking about the future and development of the mind in general, these people constantly wonder where all sorts of philosophical questions, including ethical, which in turn included a question about the ethics-planetary genocide.

Wherever you look, in the defeat of the world's population from these people alone harm. This is only in the movies they help make a super weapon for another serial killer, but in reality they are maniacs constantly interfere.

From there, a trivial conclusion: education should erase as well as teamwork and, as is typical, the same methods that collectivism. My agents of the number of artists have in all his works suggest that many knowledge — many sorrows. Scientist and, much less, a possible scientist should look like a strange and repulsive own "asocial" types. Ladies do not give them, means they are not paid and the only decent respect to their occupation — to help the maniac in the development of super-weapons. It's even a little bit presentable, and the rest — carcasses light.

The phrase "hurt smart" should be an insult. On the stories about reading a physics textbook in his spare time, society has a measured twist a finger to his temple.

How annoying would it sounds, the world's population has had time to become addicted to zaniyu because for the first time will need a substitute. But it should bring me to the desired channel. For example, citizens can recognize privacy TV stars, to teach the brand of shoes or household devices, conduct taste tests of various kinds of sausage or something like that. In fact, the "educated" should be called the person who is able to distinguish one from another cognac color or a list of all the participants of the "Hut-3."

The real scientific questions should be relegated to a small bunch of eggheads seized by society. Let others fear these issues like the plague, because they in-1's, "ship", and in-2, it is very unsafe. And the first and the second will take care of my agents in the media disk imaging. They will interpret what is most fascinating in the instrument — its design, and the device, and the principles on which it is based — some incomprehensible and very acidic crap. In general, the design of the car in any event more exciting device design.

In addition, some of the science in general prepyadstviya. Scientists are specially engaged in a very unsafe adventures, which include radiation, evolution of GMOs, and black holes. Any of these things are able to do all the terms of the mutants, as such, we need to nafig.

In conjunction with the low salaries of scientists, which were discussed above, this approach removes any desire to do science, and even prepare for it, getting education. The people themselves will seek closure of all modern, termination of development and even the dissolution of the scientific organizations. Who needs those boring, unsafe rogue? The very best part of the same formation — the issuance of a diploma, can be fully maintained. Diplomas can be sold to everyone, even those who do not know how to read and count. Charlatans do academics. Their books (well, until people still, unfortunately, can read) to produce millions of copies.

Let there any quantum field theory, neural network techniques and comparative-historical linguistics will be replaced by an even more spectacular things. Torsion fields, Bimbo Timeline, homeopathy, and the Mayan calendar — that should take minds still preserved inquisitive people. The schools should teach creationism, and in popular science programs to study the predictions of Vanga. Of schools and colleges will come out of the crowd completely deaf people, but for all that confident that they have a profound knowledge, as they were given a diploma.

Here, even if God himself handed over the art machines, devices and instruments, these people did not manage to do with them. And I personally do crucify those who still can.

Imagine for yourself — sweet balls instead of pharmaceuticals, mystic voodoo instead of physics, instead of kindling a nuclear power plant, a casino instead of the factory, the temple witnesses of chegonibud instead Institute. Academics parapsychology. Transmission of pro-life morons with diplomas. Credits, exchanges, futures, brokers, advertisers, managers, management managers. And neither engineers nor the workers, nor the academic staff. More precisely, no, they are. Engineers to design, wash stalls, exploring the Universal Information Field. And it seems to all: life goes uphill. Even if I'm broke, then it is temporary, I still register sign, and yet another can of beer and a loan from the bank.

And above all this I stand, maniac destroyer of mankind, I should organize a process of destruction of mankind.

Even I am sorry that my plan has internal contradictions, because its implementation is useful for a huge number of trained and able to work in concert to the tremendous team of people, of which there will be no place to take in the successful fight against collectivism and education. But I'm sure you can somehow get out and still realize my plan.

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