How to mow in Dagestan

How to mow in DagestanNorth Caucasus District military tribunal convicted former chief of department recruitment of people for military service department of the Military Commissariat of Dagestan on the town Izberbash Kaiakent and Karabudakhkent District tavka Zakaryayev. He was found guilty of abuse of official capacity (Part 1 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code), accepting bribes for illegal action (Part 3. 290 of the Criminal Code), official forgery (Part 1 of Art. 292 of the Criminal Code) and the attempted bribery of public official (Part 3. 30 and Part 2 of Art. 291 of the Criminal Code). At the base of the criminal case — the materials of military prosecutors, who found that Zakaryaev a period of 3 years for the exchange rate shall be made in accounting and an alphabet book in advance incorrect information about sending young people to the place of service, which contributed to the upcoming release of illegal recruitment 76 people. At the end of frivolous life of these individuals were given military cards on its passage. In addition in order to avoid punishment, the defendant offered to bribe an official in the amount of 501 thousand rubles, the transmission of which he was detained by security forces in the army. 21 December of the year of the North Caucasus District military Zakaryayev tribunal sentenced to 3 years and 6 months imprisonment in a penal colony, with the deprivation of military rank.

With all of this in the same Dagestan give a very large sum of bribes, to go to serve as Army is necessary springboard for the next device to work in law enforcement agencies. And is not there mowed. Apparently, the local golden youth, and so that life is good.
Bribe employees investigation utterly mysterious: 501 Thousand rubles. This is net of taxes, or what?

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