How to overcome obstacles customs?

How to overcome obstacles customs?Everyone knows the phrase from a famous Russian film that "Customs gives good." And because many employers now have to suffer the same grace or disgrace to the customs authorities for himself. It so happens that, before transporting one or the other load for the next implementation in Russia from China, land of the rising sun, or South Korea, faced with an endless string of bureaucratic procedures. Not enough that the Russian laws do not always stand on the protection of the interests of good businessman, so besides the customs authorities of corruption add obstacles to transport products from one country to another.

If you want to carry a certain product in the Russian Federation without any particular problems, then you can use the services of customs brokers who posodeystvuyut in a difficult situation. These people cope with the design of the required documentation, and they will also be carried out so called custom clearance. Customs brokers advise employers on issues such as the analysis of the documentation for the transportation of products across the Russian border, also consult in terms of assignment of HS codes.

Every now and then comes to the fact that customs do not want to miss even one hundred percent legal load. To solve this dilemma entrepreneurs have to go to the craft. One of these tricks is a declaration of the cargo as humanitarian aid. To do this, the entrepreneur will have to register the Fund or with branches in Russia, or use an existing fund. On the one hand, such a scheme similar to the fraud, but its introduction states that, from time to time by the same business customs are driven into uneasy frame: or go on a slippery road, or absolutely minimize their own business. Of course, the introduction of charitable funds for the transportation of goods across the border — an option for which No need to pay special attention, as this scam can just open it. The best method — a legal transportation of cargo.

If for the same legal Customs officers are trying to pull the carriage with your money, you should immediately contact the appropriate authorities. In the customs area has its own security service, which is designed to look at the "purity" of their employees. If same and this system does not work, you can always turn to the court or the prosecutor. This will create a positive precedent against the facts of corruption.

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