How to overcome world hunger

How to overcome world hungerAlready which year, food prices steadily grow, and with each day or the number of hungry people around the planet will only increase. Those working on the problem of providing food to the population of our planet, are concerned that while the world's population can not come to the optimal solution prepyadstviya growth in total output of goods supply. Such an increase would reduce the number of hungry people around the world.

One of the projects which was open a discussion with nedavneshnego time with great enthusiasm, is project, which involves stopping the growth area hermitage. This is the initial stage of the huge project, which must ultimately lead to the use of lands that were once common desert for agricultural purposes. One of the supporters of the idea of desertification as a tool for future combat hunger advocates Russian economist Viktor Biryukov.

He emphasizes that the idea of combating desertification can not be called modern. Many of the world's countries have tried to expand the area of agricultural land at the expense of reducing the size of hermitage, in their inbox. Similar project was at one time in the Soviet Union, when the management of the country even tasted absolutely change the ecosystem of the entire region. Under this project, the Central Asian Republics were blooming gardens with additional hydrological structures.

By the way, quite successfully with the problem of desertification in order to improve the situation in agriculture was fighting Israel. Its northern areas that State managed to win from the desert, and now in these areas can be monitored fairly active farming. But the same Israel was powerless against the other desert Negev, which continues to grow.

Viktor Biryukov, talking about how to resolve the situation with the lack of food for the growing population of the planet, has to struggle with the most excellent desert — Sahara. Joke to say, if I have managed to win the Sahara at least 10-12% of its territory, the population of the earth would have received about one million square kilometers of land for agricultural purposes. This area, which would be even more than France and Italy taken together. Sovereign Biryukov sees in this a profound sense, because if modern technology will win from a sand area, it will give an impetus to the development of the whole of Africa. This continent pops up in the words of Biryukova is not the case, because specifically in Africa, according to the UN, is home to the largest number of hungry people in the world officially recorded.

According to Biryukova, if Africans will have the opportunity to work on "reclaimed" from the territories of the Sahara, it will lead not only to an increase in the number of jobs to millions of units, and to a decrease in the number of people who are not receiving enough food in the day. At present, these people on the planet are about 1 billion people.

With all of this leads Viktor Biryukov reasons Swedish scientist Magnus Larsson about how you can "curb" the Sahara. For it is proposed to make a special chain of dunes to the south of the desert. Dunes will be sealed with a special type of bacteria. If, within a couple of years the Sahara will not be able to do anything against such a barrier, then you can start planting forests along this strip, which and will win the sacred square kilometers.

But the problem of the Sahara at the time had already tried to do Russian scientists. In their project over the Sahara would have to be using jet engines to create the circulation of air masses, saturated with moisture. This would lead to the formation of clouds and precipitation for the next. But the problem was where to take as many jet engines, and how to build such a huge circulation system. Well, its an issue price was better not to ask, because the numbers in this project have been with numerous zeros.

Feed the entire population of the planet — the idea, of course, the good, but what about our country, where too far, not everyone can afford for themselves eat enough high-quality food. At this sovereign Biryukov says he can feed our homeland far not only their own people, and at least a few 10 s millions in need around the world. For these purposes, he said, should more properly use the land, which have the status of agricultural land. Biryukov says that more than 130 million hectares of arable land in Russia is operated by a direct purpose about 8 percent. With all of this on every inhabitant of the country has almost 0.92 acres of agricultural land. Indeed, if I left out one hectare "earned" in an appropriate manner, then it would be possible to at least meet the needs of the domestic market and in plant and animal products. To compare the characteristics of the U.S. leads Biryukov. There on the person accounted for 40% of arable land is less than we do. This advantage must be used. But at the legislative level, as long as no wind, no foreshadowing of positive developments in agriculture.

Now, despite the rise in the cost of goods supply, many countries have run across on the feeding of biofuels, which can be a candidate hydrocarbon materials. So here is our home and there could be one of the favorites. But as long as our country sits firmly on the oil and gas needle, buys 70% of beef abroad, imports, buckwheat and rice, and continues not to solve any measures to prevent the reduction of the area of agricultural land.

No desire to run across to the bombastic words, but our home could be the real driving force in combating world hunger. And there are probably even do without the "struggle" with the Sahara or the Gobi.

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