How to protect your own phone against computer viruses

How to protect your smartphone from virusesUsually, a couple of years back the main targets for hackers were operating system on the hard drives of computers, which store not only personal information, and the corporate. With the development of new operating systems such as Apple iOS, Symbian, Google Android, and which are installed in the new phones, the user gets all the advantages of a computer in a small device.

The attractiveness of phones to attack burglars yavna — in these devices, many nick store contact numbers and codes of bank cards. A lot of people use phones to perform certain work tasks, and means stored on the hard drive information the company that may be interested in the competition.

If you use your phone for work or for personal use in order to prevent a possible penetration of the virus and the subsequent loss of use disk imaging tips:
1. Be sure to use the lock by PIN-code and password. These features will become an obstacle when trying to access by third parties to the disk imaging in case of loss or theft of the phone.
2. Make permanent update installed software. Typically, each update relieves developers identified feeble places on the security issue. This is due to the fact that the virus program developers in developing new virus taking into account the existing software and can not use updates for the sight of her absence.
3. Do not download new apps from untrusted websites. To download additional programs or information content, use official websites.
4. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These useful wireless feature should be enabled only when necessary at other times they must be deactivated, it will not give hackers the ability to get open access to data.
5. Make a copy of mandatory data. This is due to the fact that destruction of the virus, which seeped into the operating system of your phone to fully erase the memory and if you did not copy all of the data will be irretrievably lost.

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