How to protect yourself from an attack with a stick

How to protect yourself from an attack using a stick

The question of what kind of weapon you can carry around in a small town, there is quite often. This refers, of course, a cool tool, which carry with them forbids Criminal Code. All subjects who own "shock-fragmenting effect, there is only one problem — in Russia to use them for self-defense is illegal. Otherwise, only one solid pros.

In 1-x, the one who knows how to act professionally baton or stick, to be able to use a variety of self-defense items. A stick, a hammer, an umbrella, a rolling pin, a stool or a bottle — all of these items are actually using the same principle. For example, a plastic bottle, even a half-empty — very severe tool that in the hands of the craftsman can cause very severe internal injuries. Also rolled-glossy magazine, if you try, you can bring in considerable pain …

But all this is the man of experience, and a man with no special training is best for retaliation still use something more heavy and sturdy. But if by the hand of only magazine or something else, it's not very strong and kutsee, it's worth it to apply bonder bumps that resemble "strike Knife ". Peel necessary not only in the body, and in the face, because when you use a blunt object to you hardly get seriously hurt the attacker. In addition, the face can be applied and slashing blows, which in this case will perform a supporting role.

Naturally, a reliable remedy can be expandable batons, but, unfortunately, they are illegal. And those that are freely available on the shelves of various stalls, an instrument not even call because both connections are not reliable, and the very steel myagkovata. There may be enough unless on a couple of punches, but especially rely on them is not necessary. There are, however, rubber batons Russian production, which should be freely available. But I did not have to meet them, because to say anything about their abhorrent or decent, I can not. Drilling a rubber truncheon on his own essence is the same stick. Use it as needed you can, but to drag behind them are not very comfortable. This is precisely the biggest negative impact gun offense, but not less funds are at hand. The gun for self-defense must always be with him, but should not lure special attention.

If you look around, you can find a tremendous amount of great items that you can use in the event of a forced self-defense, because need to learn to handle various "shock" objects. Particularly suitable for this purpose reed: and honey, and decorative. Usually, honey cane holder is assigned its own secure form, but at the same time, it is good as a gun for self-defense through its own legitimacy, strength, length and weight. You can also use and legally sell the "hidden" tool. For example, an umbrella or a walking stick, a flashlight baton.

But even the most beautiful instrument will be ineffective if you do not know how to use it. We will not at this time to talk about how training at home criteria. Even easier to get the necessary abilities, work out a few months in the respective section or by visiting a couple of workshops on the practical application of the materials at hand for self-defense. Today there is a tremendous lot of clubs aimed at self-defense. In most cases, their learning is directed to certain subjects in blocks of several weeks or months. Of the usual sections one can advised to go to school in a section of Filipino martial arts, where the stick is one of the basic tools, and the ability of its use are practically acquired in the first step of learning.

So what did all the same self-defense with the "shock" of the object is better knife? How to use this "weapon"?

Let's start with the fact that the conditional baton (Let's call it so) much longer than hand with a knife. This is a very fundamental, because it can help one can counter attacking with a knife. The baton will allow you to keep control of the movement of the enemy, not causing him injuries unsafe for living. At the same time, you as the owner baton will be on a non-hazardous by the enemy from a distance with a knife.

Of course, you can destroy a club if storm in the neck or head. Particularly unsafe for life can be hit in the head or the skull, because it is better not to thrash the opponent's head. Also, do not strike in the area of the neck, especially on the throat. Truncheon blows that fall on other parts of the body, most do not carry their own dangers to life. Although the purely theoretical level, you can always just stick to injure internal organs, but in practice this is unlikely, especially because you can not hold back the force of impact, resisting attacker.

I venture to remind you that we are in this case of self-defense against attacking on you, "the villain." Your task is to deny the striker activism, but all this did not cause him injury unsafe. With the clubs can reach such a result. Areas to strike selected from the standpoint of greater efficiency, and not from the standpoint of greater security, as would act if, in their hands, for example, was a knife.

The main goal, which is to peel baton, — Limbs. The aggressor himself for you to stretch your hands during the trial grab or knock. Injuring his limbs, you can no longer survive. After all, with his hands curled and not povoyuesh, as well as on the legs rescued not run. No wonder the different martial arts special attention is paid to methods of combat, with which you can harm the limbs of the enemy.

Shock batons in part is it remote from you third. Strikes should only be applied by it, and not the middle part, because a huge hit middle guns can not cause harm. Apart from this there is the possibility of the enemy to intercept and snatch you from the hands of a club. The main rule in self-defense with a baton — keep your distance and repel the aggressor's outstretched hand. Baton and appreciated the fact that she herself can not afford prochuyat pain, unlike the hand. At the same time, no matter where it came inflicted blow this place becomes a source of pain. Because without distinction to peel, most importantly fast and fit. Do not try to take it strikes the enemy, and "chop" and beat back his limbs.

If the aggressor in the hands of a knife, your primary goal — a brush, in which it is placed. There's even a schematic rather than the impact force as a clear hit. Trying to put a little more punch forces are growing chances of a miss. At the same time, sharp but not strong hit on the arm will still be quite painful. No need to stop at one blow, the storm of punches. Use the principle of "gradual destruction": a clear light strike create a small pause in the movements of the enemy, thus giving you the opportunity to apply after. Protection is based on the principle "from smallest to more", in other words from mild to severe shock from hitting the hand to strike at the forearm, elbow, etc.

It should be noted that the blow to the head, although it is very unsafe, but often does not stop the attack. A lot depends on the options. But the limbs, especially the hands, you can just blow destroy the club. A good hit in the elbow can generally bring down your opponent's hand and forearm muscles warped will lower the level of combat readiness of the aggressor.

Cause severe damage to the feet much more difficult opponent, but if you have certain abilities, too, maybe. Cross to shock the leg
s to be a corrupted hands of the enemy. The strategy of the ordinary: first deprive the enemy of buzz you, and then throw it and without the ability to move normally. For self nothing more is required.

When a surprise attack is best triggered a counter-blow to the face. Frisky movement toward disgusted enemy forces it reflexively pull back, creating a kind of pause in his movements. Take advantage of this moment to strike a blow to his own hands. And do not stop there, secure the success of its own series of punches. If you can not choose their place rapidly for subsequent stroke, lupite to the same place followed by the first blow. Lupite there before the time, until Determine where you can still storm the enemy.

If you have been in the hands of a longish "stick", the first aggressive poke her in the face or body of the aggressor, and then rapidly lupite his hands or feet. Chopping strike can be applied to "bonder" capture, but it is better to intercept his club "like a two-handed sword" and put all his strength into shock. Just do not get hit on the head! Beat with 2 hands longish stick can break through even the skull of the enemy, and for you to self-defense is no good.

Hands, clavicle, ribs, knees — are the main targets for the "shock" guns. In all of these places are pretty thin bones, weak muscles covered. Blows to the bones is always much more effective than the blows to the muscles. For example, the blows inflicted in the body can cause severe pain, but do not deprive the enemy's ability to continue his attack. Of course, a successful strike could cause significant damage to internal organs, but the aggressor is unlikely to halt, but even enrage can. Because of striking the body of the aggressor makes sense only in this case it is very comfortable and does not ask for preparatory training. The case should only tychkovymi storm strikes and increasing the distance again, here to run across to the main target — the hands.

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