How to reach the child support from a former wife

How to get child support from a former spouseMaintenance for the child, parent, wife or any other person who is required by law to receive alimony, paid with at least some kind of official income. The source of income can be wages, payment under the contracts, pensions, bonuses and remuneration or any other form of income that can be documented to confirm. Established by the amount of support — 25%. In this article we will talk about the most popular in this country as payments — child support for the minor child.

Alimony can be achieved with 2 ways: first — a peace agreement 2-spouses to pay alimony one of them on the kid, the second — a charge of child support tribunal. In the first case between the parents is alimony agreement, in what determines the size of the order and payment. In the case of such an agreement is possible to specify the exact amount of payments, as well as other options to outline a real help. This agreement is in the order of mandatory signed by both parents and certified by a notary. If peacefully solve the problem of real help to the child did not work, it will have to go to the court, the application for alimony is served on the defendant's place of residence, if you do not understand, where does your last spouse, then apply one can at your place of registration. Legal advice in this case will help you to find out any additional information, just some lawyers provide services for the collection of disk imaging former spouse.

Alimony payments made to the 18th anniversary of the baby. If baby enrolled full time at the University and is practically not able to work, then after a tribunal can try to involve the other parent to the role of the additional expenditure. The size of these costs will be determined by the tribunal, based on the real situation of the parents, kids, and also taking into account other items that deserve attention. The Tribunal has the right to oblige to pay part of the costs already incurred, as well as to oblige to pay future.

If the official salary of the former wife of less than a real one, then oblige it to pay 25% of the total income is very problematic, but can be experienced through the Tribunal to set a fixed amount of payments. The Tribunal will assess the real state of both parties and assign a certain amount in the range stated.

Small amount of deductions is not legally defined, but generally the tribunal appointed child support at a subsistence level for the kid in each individual region.

Term recovery of maintenance is limited to 3 years, you can recover them by the court, the amount is calculated from the sum of the average monthly salary for 3 years, if the defendant did not work, then amount calculated from the average monthly salary in the region.

Scandals and lawsuits usually are wasting a lot of nerves, but you also experiencing a baby, always worth a try because the conditions of the former spouse of a peace agreement before going to the tribunal.

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