How to revise the history of Russian war stateliness

On the Web site, "Military Review" not so long ago was posted an article on how soon began to make numerous tests to link strategy and the strategy of engagement Russian (Russian) army with excess and unjustified victims. Allegedly, the Russian generals have only one strategy: to achieve victory at any cost. The saddest thing is that sometimes, even in school history textbooks by the original whole battle converted into examples of mindless bloodshed, which, according to the views of the same creators, could have been avoided. Can this be considered a whole-planned campaign — hard to say, but the fact that this kind of publications and is a lot of suspicion — a fact.

How to revise the history of the Great Patriotic War

In particular, a lot of material began to appear in public try to revise the action majestically Russian war. As will be appreciated, if it calls into question the historical episodes separately taken the worst war in the history of mankind, tomorrow and its finale will just fit under the bar to someone suitable.

One of those most battles in which many journalists, writers and historians behold the example of unnecessary bloodshed by the Russian army, the battle is on the outskirts of Berlin. Its official name — the storming of the Seelow Heights. This operation was carried out for 3 days under the command of Zhukov.

One of the main critics of the Marshal Zhukov on the Seelow Heights is a writer Vladimir Beshanov. The retired officer Beshanov (born, incidentally, in 1962) is confident that the three-day assault on the Seelow (16-19 April 1945) was a completely stupid stunt by Marshal Zhukov, because it has led to numerous casualties on the part of Russian and Polish alliance troops. In addition, Mr Beshanov believes that Zhukov did not even go for an operation and a simple frontal assault that Tipo indicates that the marshal was eager to Berlin at any cost to get ahead of the competition of their own generals in order to get all the credit favorite. With these words Beshanov once spoke on the radio "Echo of Moscow" and, by the way, was able to gain a huge amount of support his personal views of listeners.

But affects even Beshanova position of the writer, and how quickly we can change the ratio to that or another historical event or to one or another historical figure after having heard the word on the air. Say, if a retired naval officer said, is because it was in effect, almost ruthless Zhukov, excuse me, push my way to Berlin, stepping over the bodies of their own as a fighter, to curry favor with the Supreme and get another batch of orders to his chest. And this version is rapidly raised the "hands on" and begin to replicate with enviable regularity. There are new creators, who also convinced that Zhukov did not have to go ahead and give Konev take Berlin, and then work together to suppress the German army, concentrated on the Seelow Heights.
The challenge now is to understand the "bloodthirsty" Zhukov on Seelow, What is that, with a cool head, and without trying to make the historical action taken separately whole sensation with denunciations of historical characters.

First, let's say that in the course of operations on the Seelow Heights Russian troops have lost about 25,000 people. It seems that over the three day or it's really tough loss. But very often these same creators 25000 of human losses, for some reason, immediately recorded in the loss of irreplaceable. In fact, this number does not mean 25,000 killed. About 70% of the discussed 25,000 — wounded who later called it, stood in formation. Well, perhaps the loss would have been the least active in this head, which showed Russian troops.

Following question: what Marshal Zhukov decided to knock on the positions of the Wehrmacht on the Seelow Heights on the north, and not just wait for Konev's armies from the West, which by that time could themselves take Berlin. And the answer to this question once and gave himself Zhukov and military historians, working closely on the theme of the Berlin operation. The fact is that Zhukov not just tapped the Seelow Heights, and almost pulled over the main body of German troops. The whole German army (Ninth) was the first surrounded and then destroyed before the start of the battle for the capital of the Reich. If Zhukov did not go on this operation, then the same would have Konev in Berlin itself face to bolshennymi Wehrmacht, than with those who were there after hitting the Seelow Zhukov. In itself the German capital from the East managed to break numerically remains of the 56th Panzer Corps (about 12,500 of the 56,000 thousand men) who were guarding the Seelow Heights to strike armies Zhukov.

We can confidently state that certain forces (12,500) were for the German defenders Berlin's feeble support, and that's why the capital of the Third Reich Russian troops took quite rapidly. You can imagine for yourself how she herself would have led the 9th German army, if past her just passed by, rushing to Berlin. It would simply be replaced by a vector of attack and knocked Zhukov's armies, or in the flank or rear, and losses from Zhukov would have been much more. This, namely, read General Jodl at the Nuremberg trials. According to him, the German combat troops waited exactly what Zhukov lead the troops around and did not dare to knock on the front of the Seelow Heights. But Zhukov took the unusual step, apparently mistaking the command of the Wehrmacht card. Se's "primitive" (in the words of the writer Beshanova) move which led to the destruction of an entire German army in just a day or 3. Incidentally, in the operations of German Army Group "Vistula" has lost more than 12,300 people killed only. This is to ensure that some authors they say that the troops in the Third Reich at least some were carrying small battle lost, and troops Land of the Soviets were washed with their blood …

How to revise the history of the Great Patriotic War

The creators of critical articles directed towards Zhukov, believe that he had to wait for the marshal Konev which Berlin would be taken without him: say, with all this loss of Russian troops could be small. But it is quite clear why all of a sudden decided that Konev would take Berlin on their own. In the end, seeing that Zhukov remained on their own positions, the same 9th Army Wehrmacht could detach in Berlin is not 12500 "bayonets" weakened fighting east Berlin's, and in a couple of times and, as they say, is fresh. And it would obviously drew off by itself and taking the German capital, and, as a consequence, the increment to the number of victims of the Russian parts.

It turns out that the criticism of Marshal Zhukov in Berlin operation completely groundless and is devoid of any hard grounds. In the end, create a strategy when from the historical action separates a certain number of years, even easier than to make difficult decisions in the course of these events.

Let us hope that the development of the creators of history textbooks will be based on real historical facts rather than chase the sensation. Trying to capitalize on the blood
of their own Protz — very little, immoral, and in fact — criminal! Must be kept in mind that the Russian students are now in the majority of their own stories specifically assess the course of the individual sections of textbooks, and hence, no thought experiments and "author's version of" here is simply unacceptable.

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