How to revive the Project Red without making mistakes USSR

How to revive the "Project Red" without making mistakes USSRThe project operated in Russian Union is not a long time — since the late 20's to late 50's

Topic of the Soviet Union in the "Red" global project constantly pops up on various forums and discussions. The reason for this is clear: the popularity of the "Red" global project as the crisis grows, while his opponents are ready to do anything to prevent it.

As a consequence, the unprepared reader falls enormous shaft wrong disk imaging, built on traditional canons of ideas processing. In 1-x, untainted heresy, in-2, the individual stories, erected in of mandatory components of the "Red" project (common examples — the time of the atrocities of war or civilian clothes any more elements, such as "sexual freedom"), in 3 BR, systemic difficulties the USSR, which "Red" project was struggling to overcome but did not have time — these are the main areas of this propaganda struggle. And for this reason I decided to write a small text on my understanding of the case of the Russian Federation and the "Red" project.

For a start — that after all is the "Red" project. Although it is written in my texts on the theory of global projects, I will repeat again. "Red" global project — a thought which seemed to XVIII century and of trying to connect inside the biblical value system (in other words, return the destroyed with the advent of the Reformation and the capitalist global project value system) with the idea of scientific and technological progress, which in XVI-XVII centuries developed with the introduction of borrowing.

Since the cost of borrowing in the Biblical value system is forbidden, it was possible to make only one way — to prohibit the introduction of private profit from this percentage, in other words, send it to the public good. Specifically, it was made in the framework of the "Red" project in the USSR and other socialist countries. But first, "Red" project was-half-a "network" stage.

And in this period in the development of his thoughts appeared a huge number of different people who offered svoei something new. Someone thought that just deals with the struggle against religion (and in fact — with other religious global projects), you can include candid thoughts in Satanism, someone pressed on national characteristics and so on. Adherents of developing the "West" project intensively tried to use it in their own anti-capitalist and religious projects, and so on. In general, as well as any new trend in the XIX century, who not only ran up there, not to mention about the characters in the tasks which included the destruction of the very model of "Red" project at the expense of other projects. This would be the entire body of legends USSR, which was composed in the West, in general, it was already a little later.

In fact, the scientific theory of "Red" project wrote Marx and his followers, but there's a catch — as in municipal management they did not understand anything, and then model them in practice to work but could not. Specifically, for this reason, our Russian motherland / USSR in the first decade of its existence has gone through numerous configurations of state policy. It was necessary to adapt the design principles of "Red" project to the real practice of the municipal government. Note that now lay claim on this issue just stupid — though every man who is faced with the problem of the modern itself, the first step is making mistakes.

It should be noted, nevertheless, a severe error of Marx, which is likely to have been related to his personal attitude toward religion. He threw one hundred percent of the housing study "Red" project component magical — and it was, perhaps, the most severe of his mistake. Note that, apparently, Stalin realized this mistake and tried to fix it, but apparently did not, and came to replace him, Khrushchev, which was, in fact, a dogmatist, unable to complex mental work, this line in the state politics is not only not supported, and aggressively chopped off.

It is possible that this is due to the fact that all global projects are fundamentally aggressive at each other (which is natural, then, they are global) and, in this sense, the "Red" project and feuded with the "West" and the Islamic, and Orthodox, and a Catholic. But for 2-projects — the "West" and the Orthodox — this feud was the basis for the development of severe ideological base. For the first clear why — in fact the whole middle of the twentieth century, these two projects were struggling for supremacy in the world, and the Orthodox was a hard opponent as Russian empire was his base in the state over the centuries.

We note with all this, that the work of the "Red" project against the project immensely facilitated the Orthodox Peter I, who abolished the patriarchate, and instead it made purely imperial design of the Holy Synod, a civilian agency which aims at, in order to control and direct the minds of a society. As a result, over 200 years of the institution, the attitude of the Orthodox Church in Russian society is very aggravated — which is easier for her work on the dismantling of the post-1917 (with a significant portion of this work was made in the period from February to October 1917).

The victory of the October Socialist Revolution majestically in November (October) of 1917 has set the adherents of "Red" project a huge amount of problems. It was necessary not just to adapt to the design of the rather abstract ideas to a particular experience of the municipal building, but also to cut off various kinds of "fellow travelers", while in the acute shortcomings experienced and smart people. We also note that our home at the time was state land, in other words, the average education level was quite low, and most educated people "Red" project not supported. It also foreign intervention and plainclothes war has caused quite a high level of confrontation in the society, which is also now the critics ascribe "Red" project, though he is obviously the first step was not ready to face this phenomenon. Suffice it to recall that virtually all prisoners of their own at the first step of the opponents of the new government of the Russian Federation released on "parole" and specifically across-the violation of the word, in almost everything, and formed a relationship to these people.

I will not at this time accurately depict the action of the first 10 years of Russian power, as the amount of text apparently it does not, but about a conflict that, almost everything has identified the political life of the country in the 20s, to say exactly necessary. Refers to the fact that at that time dared to fundamentally question whether to go to war against the whole world (the line advocated by the Comintern), or else build a "Red" project in the same country. For the first direction was the fact that at that time there was a desperate war between the capitalist and the "West" project, won in her project "West", which is most likely a lot of effort and money invested in it, so that the elite of the "Red "the project was sheltered many of its adherents. The idea here was, that due to the energy of the masses "Red" project hurt the countries that have limited capital (in other word
s, the base of the "West"), and the first — the hereditary monarchies of Europe.

Another line meant the creation of a "base" of the country, in other words translation of "Red" project in a hierarchical stage. This line is defeated, but in the process had to go through another one, actually civil, war, since the "Comintern" elite, especially the part of it that has been associated with the elite zabugornom intensive resisted at least some attempt to limit outward expansion.

It should be noted that at that time Russian elite is true understood that global projects are not compatible in principle, and for this reason, no how-or long-term coexistence between them can not be. And the outcome of this awareness in their own long-term planning. But after the death of Stalin, the situation has changed. In general, we must first note that the economic basis for the construction of the reference country for the "Red" global project Stalin chose to build its technological areas and in turn spent befitting a policy that gave harsh positive results. With all this he created the "elite", as, for example, China did, and "pulled" up all Russian society (by the way, exactly for this reason that the first step of the growth of living was not the highest).

Khrushchev, who came to power, in fact, as a result of the municipal revolution (his official authority in 1955, was removed from office) is the essence of the specificity of "Red" project is not realized in 1956 on the public rejected the 1st of the main design principles , coined the idea of "peaceful coexistence." From the perspective of ideology, it was a defeat, but it was made out quite a long time.

First, the 60s in the Soviet Union started the crisis associated with the inability to expand markets (the crisis fall of efficiency of capital), but the dogma that came with Khrushchev to solve this dilemma could not. Yet, the first 70, when a similar crisis began in the United States, the Soviet Union could not win — but it was necessary to overcome their ideological weakness and strengthen its position in the confrontation with the "West" project, not weaken them. Manufactured everything was in front — and the payoff was lost.

Note that at the end of the 50s Khrushchev began to move away from the principles of design "Red" project, the country began to form a "pro-Western" group, which, in fact, carried the USSR 40 years later. After all, if the system of values of "the West" project does not aggressively criticized, she begins to gather his supporters — as a man, in general, weak. In other words, the destruction of the Soviet Union, formally, was the result of an impartial economic processes that, but have been seriously enhanced personal processes associated with the abandonment of the design principles of the state elite of the USSR. That, in turn, was justified by local processes of struggle for power.

So Makarov, "Red" project, from the standpoint of the relative purity of their own design principles, acted in the USSR is not a long time — since the late 20's to late 50's. He trained a generation that, and "hold" the situation before the end of the 80's — but after his departure all fell down pretty quickly. This means that the revival of this global project, which, in my opinion, inevitably, this event should involve.

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