How to save on ink-jet printing with refillable cartridges and CISS

Many people are buying office equipment for printing, at some point faced with the problem of constant change of unique cartridges. Given that many Cartridges refuel at best 60-70%, their content for inkjet printing may not be enough, and a 200-sheet ordinary text. As we talk about printing when the ink is consumed so quickly that print image is converted into a loss-making enterprise. Specifically for those people who are used to operate inkjet printers, what is called, "the full extent" the company "A7-Alpha" to receive offers CISS. Under CISS refers to the device, which is a system of continuous ink supply Cartridges your inkjet printer. Special cables can connect the CISS cartridges and cell phones in a single system, allowing the printer to work in uninterrupted operation.

Besides CISS company "Alfa-A7" delivers so called refillable cartridges that allow harsh way to save on the substitution of printed devices for ink jet printers of different models.

Refillable cartridges — this is a good solution for numerous surgeries, public print performed once a day on a massive scale.

Let's try to deal with the fact what savings to expect a person who decides to buy a refillable cartridges from the "A7-Alpha". So USC inkjet printers Canon Pixma IP4840 and IP4850 models will cost only 850 rubles. If take into account that within a year of efforts, the use of ordinary cartridge will izderzhat about 14,000 rubles for the replacement cartridges, refillable cartridges with a saving of only one printer will be more than 10,000 rubles. And if your organization is used to 10 such printers, the one-year savings amount to all 100 thousand rubles. These liberated money can bring to upgrade office equipment or an increase in salaries of the employees of the enterprise.

If we talk about the use of refillable Cartridges Plotters, the benefits may exceed all expectations of even the most life-affirming.

Specialists of "A7-Alpha" is recommended in this case to use only high-quality pigment ink that will last a printing office equipment for a long period of time. For this kind of pigment inks include inks MaxPro. 6-liter set of ink cartridges for Epson SP10600 will cost 19,440 rubles.

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