How to solve the national question in Russia? State the problem: reality, the governments attitude

How to solve the national question in Russia?  National problem: the reality, the ratio of power

The essence of the state constraints: a reality

In the last couple of years, the central government has attended public issue. Previously it at a level not particularly affected, although the problem is acute for 80 years of the 20th century, in the 90 years escalated directly to regional wars. And do not think that the problem only in the "Chechen issue," Chechnya — this is just one of the manifestations of the disease.

The problem of "Kondopoga" (there in September 2006, local residents brought the actions of people from Chechnya and Dagestan, and the failure of the authorities have raised a real riot to drive the "Caucasians" out of town) — this is the problem of most Russian cities and towns, and of in the countryside mature "ulcer". Even larger scale it will acquire if the federal and local authorities will make a plan of mass migration of Caucasians in Russia. In fact, it has already begun to do. SUMMARY this problem:

— Statistics of offenses, such that the entire RF most of the atrocities committed newcomers — immigrants from other regions of the Russian Federation and migrants from Central Asia and other countries.

— newcomers, the vast majority of other nations, than those who remained eternally either stayed a long time (for several generations) to the area. They are "outsiders" in terms of consciousness, religion, behavior. Indigenous peoples, for example, Mari, Tatars, Mari El in Russia are already living together century, they have for each other "native", including in the literal sense. Representatives of the new national communities "outsiders." If they are single, individual families, no problems, they are assimilated, but when you come to create a cohesive community, a mass of problems — from economic to the crime.

— corruption of local authorities, they want to receive from the diaspora and they made etnomafy income because start to "turn a blind eye" to their actions to seize profitable business, including the "black" and "gray". If only fit to pay them.

— for the time after the collapse of the Russian Union of configuration occurred in the staff of the local officials and law enforcement agencies, the share of newcomers to the representatives of areas of communities has increased dramatically. Of course, by virtue of education they participate in the oppression of the local population and to cover the atrocities and violations of their own "countrymen".

— resistance of the local population of these processes is virtually always emotional and episodic in nature, rather than a meaningful and volitional (strategic) character. Simply put, the Russian and friendly small nations they do not open and clandestine organized structures, such as the Chinese "triads", the Italian "Cosa Nostra", which would be able to make a bond between the local government and the people, the protection of local population from the brutal "Aliens".

Why representatives of the diaspora so aggressive?

Russian culture in the past decade, to a large extent been replaced by Russian culture. Russkost remained strongly enough — there is practically no Russian films, Russian cartoons, Russian fairy tales, Russian martial arts is not honored, forgotten Russian prazdnichkom (do not confuse them with Christian, but Christian prazdnichkom have absorbed a lot of Russian-ness coming from the depths of the 1000 lety, for example, Christian Christmas Eve and Christmas Day — it's Christmas Carols), is forgotten tradition of Russian odezhki, Russian behavior (for example, chastity), on TV almost no Russian songs and dances ("Squeeze Play" — a rare exception does not affect the weight of babies born to Russian) etc..

But specifically Russian culture has been a backbone of Old Russia, Russia, Russian Empire, and of the Red Empire. Specifically, it has joined with the Russian language voedinyzhdy 10s, hundreds of ethnic groups and childbirth. Russian-made Russov strong, clever, believing in its truth, these Russian respected and feared of all nations, including the most distant. Representatives of other nations want to build a Russian-rusah own friends, brothers and allies. Even the Chinese, the representatives of the majestic Chinese civilization, dubbed us "older brothers."

Then the Russian-Russes were the masters of power and built its own procedure, which could be a key to the whole planet, becoming the order of the West's candidacy. And in almost all of our plans for the Russian order was more than fair, it gave an opportunity to survive and raise their own level of development of all nations, and not to exploit the world around us, according to all the "selected" and one "sub-humans", as does the Western world.

At present, most of the Russian weak lyumpenizirovanna, has lost a huge part of the memory, the roots are unable to protect their own kids and ladies, which tens of thousands are sold each year, and moving to the West and the East. As such respect? For their past? In principle, it's who you are now, not been in the past. It is right not only for the individual — and with great sinners, happened, repented, started the right way, it is right for the peoples, nations. You can not live with illusions majestically past, if not to be strong and majestic at the present time, indeed Lofty erase the past.

Often in the news are the news of how the group "Caucasians" are beaten, killed 1st or Russian or some other Russians — and why not battered "reply". If attacked, whether Russian-Roos, like your forefathers — take away with them as many opponents to the light, get out of the squad in Perun-George, warrior. They carry knives and traumatic, you also wear a knife (even a nail.) Look for the ladies — do not let them look like moths, as usual lady. Not plump, and friction, trains the body and the spirit — you're fighter, all Russian by birth Warriors, generic memory is not going to kill a few decades of decomposition, her thousands of years. You yourself have to defend themselves, family, your village, home. On the power of hope is not worth it flooded razlozhentsy and frank traitors. It's your duty — protecting Rhoda country. They organized? What prevents you to make your company, the community? Coupled friction, make plans for possible joint activities for the protection of families, villages, and buy booze instead of the regular "cars" some equipment.

— Naturally, the authorities also deteriorated as the population, its base consists of careerists, the servants, the base of which is not serving the people, and the decision purely selfish goals — growth of its own and family well-being, joy, capture new sources of income. Such authority is not able to protect people, she is to a large extent it operates, together with the Diaspora. Representatives of the diaspora is excellent and behold the use for its own purposes.

That's why representatives of ethnic criminal groups, youth diaspora commit so cheeky antics and behave "frostbitten". The leaders in the representatives of the peoples and nations of the Caucasus, then go to the atrocities of migrants from Central Asia, Chinese, Koreans and other Asians are more "laid back" (p
erhaps only for now), engaged in the main "business" inside their own communities. Just one example is almost sacrilege — on the night of October 12, 2010 a student at the Moscow State Institute Surkho Taramov SUV drove into the area of the Alexander Gardens and drove the car to the tomb of the Unknown soldier. He otvertelsya fine! For blasphemy, which was previously almost all the peoples there were terrible crimes punishable by death, and!

But still behold the that our homeland is not "the answer" to the crazy antics of the Baltic Nazis on the arts Saakashvili — carried a sacred relic, Memorial of Glory in Kutaisi, Georgia was not punished for the attack on our peacekeepers, with the constant arrests and beatings of our officers, a fighter. Although Moscow has a lot of leverage to "punish" those "neighbors" are not necessarily outright bomb. You can exacerbate the socio-economic life of the Georgians, Estonians and others will remember the "friendship of peoples."

Once you can "drop" of the Russian Federation in the international arena, why not inside the "lower" Russian?

Position of power

How to solve the national question in Russia?  National problem: the reality, the ratio of power

The central government has attended such as public policy, so December 27, 2010 at a meeting of the Municipal Council, Dmitry Medvedev said that "the main national priority" — is "maintaining civilian world, inter-ethnic and inter-religious harmony in our country." Acknowledged the president and the most important base of this "agreement" that "Russia is a truly unique country, which has invaluable and, perhaps, a unique experience. This experience is that, unlike many other states, many of the other federations of the people of our country to a large extent preserved and customs, and language, and their religion. And yet gained political and cultural unity in the 1 st of the most massive of the world. "

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin also acknowledged that the Soviet Union had no such problems, it has managed to maintain interethnic and interfaith relations. Putin referred to several circumstances this: first — it's thought, socialist thought, the second — the creation of the modern community of people — the "Soviet people." Russian authorities also tried to form a "Russian people", "Russians", but has not yet happened. Putin acknowledged that the Russian Federation could not find the equivalent to that made in the USSR.

In his view, the experience of Russian Union of change only one thing — "all-Russian patriotism." Putin: "Just you and I do not use it, do not develop this idea, and once even hesitate … it is necessary that everyone was proud of their own country and realize that the whole of success on the success of each country depends, and vice versa."

However, here there is a series of questions to the leaders of our country, and the chief of them — as we pride regime and the oligarchs who for two decades supporting economic devastation, almost produce an economic genocide of the population. Thus, according to the Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation in 2010, the income of the Russian population are distributed, followed by:

— The latest poverty live 13.4% of the population with an income below 3,422 rubles per month.
— Live in poverty 27.8% of the population with an income of 3,422 rubles to 7,400 rubles per month.
— Live in poverty 38.8% of the population with an income of 7,400 rubles to 17,000 rubles per month.
— "Rich in the middle of the poor" 10.9% of the population with an income of 17,000 rubles to 25,000 rubles per month.
— At the level of middle-class living 7.3% of the population with an income of 25,000 rubles to 50,000 rubles per month.
— Among held include citizens with an income of 50,000 rubles to 75,000 rubles per month. Their number amounts to 1.1% of the population of the Russian Federation.
— So called rich are 0.7% of the population. Their revenues are estimated above 75,000 rubles per month.

How to solve the national question in Russia?  National problem: the reality, the ratio of power

In other words, 80% of the Russian Federation — the different categories of the poor. Curiously refers to such data D. Medvedev — he is busy "signal generation", believes that his task designate prepyadstviya that must later decide on the highest level bureaucrats prof. How do they can decide if the state has no ideas, except for the idea of enrichment, the "golden calf". Corps officials in Russia since the Russian empire shone highest professionalism, but then had a thought — "For Faith, Tsar and Fatherland", then build socialism and communism. This hindered the expansion of the administrative body. When Eden was not — become a way of life enrichment managers.
Because "patriotism" that would unite poor ordinary people and managerial elite to the general risk of dismemberment of the Russian Federation, it's all words, no ideas, they are dead and are replaced at all levels of the "patriotic" window dressing.

Because quite right words Medvedev spoken to them January 17, 2011 at a meeting with the management of the Federal Assembly, that "special attention should be paid to the Russian culture. This base is — the backbone of the development of our multi-national culture ", completely empty with no real action on the revival of the Russian culture, Russian-ness of the people.

Because Stalin question arises: our central government — the enemies of the people, or sit there fool! State may decide the issue solely in line with management in the Russian Federation dobronravnoy concept of living arrangement, from the top, the revival of Russian identity, the Russian culture. When the Russian people will be strong, healthy, intelligent, continue the process of globalization in Russian, will once again be pochetaemym "big brother" for the small nations will converge to "put in place" external and internal enemies, everything will fall into place, the problem is resolved.

The Council of the Caucasian community, its youth — not humiliate even the feeble Russian, better help them become strong, support them in languid years. In another, when Russian-Russ wake up from darkness, while the revival of the empire, will shed a lot of blood …

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