How to stay favorites?

How to remain victorious?It has been over 66 years since that time as a complete majestic Russian war, and from that moment otshumeli recent bombings Russian-Japanese war, and together with them — and War 2nd World War. But until now the terrain of our country is not clear is estimated the number of dead is not an assessment of the many events that occurred both during the war and after it. In Russian history books can sometimes be read completely contradicting each other on the expression of this or another bout of the results of inter-state cooperation and the role of society at a particular historical or step. Historical soil has always been and continues to be fruitful for criticism.

With the collapse of the Russian Union have managed to grow a generation of people, many of whom are in a serious state that "it would be better that we lost the war." Surprisingly, even scary to hear such words from the mouth of the people, whose ancestors laid down their lives for their freedom and happiness. Man which declares that the victory of our country has not given account rovnenky nothing except poverty and shame, simply despise, as to any other feelings towards discover he is not worthy.

But most of the "lost sheep" made by such propaganda imposed on the TV screens, monitors, computers, stories of Western movies and other resources designed to transform our society under the advance obmyslenny order. Young man, which read the stories in the book that the Russian army was saved by the world of Fascism, staring at the TV screen and sees that his counterparts in Germany and the Land of the Rising Sun drive around in expensive cars. With all of this in his head begins to happen unthinkable. At first, instinctive level, he identifies each inhabitant of modern Germany with the Nazis from a textbook, a national of the Japanese militarists Crown with 66-year-old. Then it puts him unconscious before the question, why do I, as a descendant of the favorites, I can not allow myself to buy an expensive car. Psychological pressure built up when someone says that he live should not. Next it goes SMS newsletter with the words: that live better in Russia, you have to go out and start smashing foreign embassies and kill people with different skin color, spalivat cars on the streets. Will act if the young man these words? Certainly. The integration of various sensory experiences and skillfully orchestrated PR'a will force him to leave the square under the slogan "Kill the Germans, Jews, blacks, Tajiks, and general all around — save Russia!" This development, according to which on the basis of a personal relationship to reality, you can get a full sprouts hatred in the world is not new. Specifically, since coming to power Adolf Hitler. His words to the effect that Germany had bad lives, because it interfered Britain, France and other European powers, resulted in a 12-year-old global terror under the title "German fascism." No matter what kind of totalitarian power can not be built only on the basis of only the civilian initiative. She cuts to the quick in terms mottos, assigns human anger against certain persons and concepts, and then "opens the curtain" in front of the idol, the Fuhrer or dad peoples, making feel a sense of awe towards him.

Now all you can often hear the cries, according to which we are living in the country of the winner of the people can not allow themselves to eke out a poor existence. With all this such exclamations focused on the so-called or marginalized sections of the population, or to those who really are below the normal life due to low income. Intensive listening to these words, and children whose psychology has not yet had time to form a stable and therefore sensitive to various external reasons.

Certainly, it hurts to think that millions of people in our country are required live below the poverty line. It hurts to build that "losers" once we successfully developed nations, finding ever new means to support themselves by labor potentials and stable incomes. Such a sensual mood in many people increases the feeling of negativity towards the government. It was in Russian times, and it is at the moment. But the most unusual is the fact that we ourselves sometimes do not want to do to improve your life completely no adequate action. Neuzh that people who go destroy Caucasian stalls in markets or down in the subway, so disable returning to my hostel Chinese or Vietnamese, thinking that this is a panacea for all ills Russian. We sit in his car, once again drive in the same puddle at the intersection and begin to wail that local authorities do nothing to repair the roads. With all this we do not raise the rear seats when elections are held at least some level, stating that, say, to me, it certainly did not depend. It happens on other people, well aware that the authorities are doing nothing to improve the welfare of looking at it through his fingers, while continuing to denounce the kitchens of wrong policies of our government. Hunt to ask what we are doing to ensure that the authorities responsible for its obligations? What we do in order to force officials to work, not to wipe suits from Versace in leather armchairs, acquired for our taxes? This question can be considered rhetorical … we pour ourselves mat "cops" for bribery and Sui themselves into their hands at the first show the ability colored bill, to appease "the chief." Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers were able to defeat fascism, and we are positioning themselves as the descendants of the favorites, we can not even defend their rights in court when we wage arrears or can not patch the roof.

Those Germans and citizens of the country of the rising sun, which have suffered a crushing defeat of the Soviet Union, do not experience discomfort from the fact that they are "losers." They are just doing their job and they know it, and for the cost. They may claim the right moment from the power of explanation. We do not know how. Because the conclusions that we — favorites — they are the losers, because we have to live better than they look more like a first grader nesmyshlenogo conclusions.
To live better, we must first overcome ourselves, laziness and inertia.

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