How to stop the negative propaganda of the case for the military?

Modern Russian information field sometimes produces spikes that are increasingly identical with weeds. In this case, if the same information "hectare" grows a pair of artificially bred weeds, the weird way they are specifically lured to discover the most public attention.

It must be recognized that in the near future Our homeland far stepped in with respect to information. The wealth of online resources, publications, radio stations and television channels, it would make it possible to create a full picture of what is happening. Each man can simply push the button on the remote, open a website or pick up a newspaper at a kiosk acquired and find out about the different interpretations of events. But the social psychology is such that most of the people diligently clutching only a sensation, or an event that under this sauce is served in the media space. With all of this "sensational hype" includes any sphere of human activity, including in the military sector. And if there is a demand from readers, users of the web, radio listeners and TV viewers, then the place will be full of information relevant proposals in terms of coverage of what is happening in the Russian army.

In the near future we often raise the question of civil and patriotic education in Russia, on the foundations of morality, about the revival of spirituality of Russian society — the Russian people. Of course, these concepts can not be considered outside the context of military service. But the context is given so often, from which the majority of ordinary people remains stable for a long time not eroding negative.

Even the most superficial examination of the disk imaging, which is represented in terms of coverage of events army is made up memory that bad part is even more excellent effect on our citizens than impartial information of a positive nature.

The words on the need of civil and patriotic education and will remain words, if the media environment will make it possible for a whole host of resources aimed at defaming the army with a frank, I'm sorry, mental debilitation that portion of the population that one way or another connected with the military service. Agree, it is difficult to talk about the promotion of military service in Russia, when the search engines give out millions of copies of the answers to the questions in the spirit of "How to hang from the army?" And "How not to go into the army? '. With all of this in the Global Network for quite legitimate reasons work very strange resources that Tipo provide legal assistance to recruits.

How to stop the propagation of negative attitude to the army?

Legal assistance, for some reason, almost always looks set not free legal advice and procedures to enable young people between the ages of 18 and 27 to avoid military service.
Often, the mere naming of such Web sites which, by the way, contain detailed contact information, tell of the disposition of assistance, for example, The names of other resources (, and others) is not so clear, and they are working on an all-out depopulyarizatsiyu service in the Armed Forces.

How to stop the propagation of negative attitude to the army?

First, that meets a young man on such resource is the whole deposit of advice from "experienced" draft dodgers who in paints will be told how they managed to get the "white card". With all of this affects the people, to spread on the web this kind of information do so with obvious self-satisfaction, reveling in their "advanced" in terms of the methods naplevatelstva by Russian legislation. For these people, the concept of honorable duty just break on blank wall of selfishness, where large signs written words of a marketing video, "Take everything out of life!" Their idea of running in the same direction: a life with fraud, bribery, lovkachestva leave in a warm dry place and always leave at least some of the slough. With all this, the same people then often they say about the growing inequities in society, about the "tyranny" of the authorities. Formed that "marsh layer", many of whom not one iota of their own labor invested in the development of the country, but for all that are trying to achieve something from others.

Popularity advice, mandates, regulations and advertising its services in the plan of care to fulfill one's duty is truly impressive. Where the Government will have to invest a truly impressive tools to solve problems involving the positive enthusiasm of young people for military service, the resources, such as those listed above, the published information simply negate all the good intentions. The demand is there, supply, believe it will.

In the end, now in Russia there was a whole layer of people who are prepared to say that military service is a solid film, with all this themselves no personal experience in this area do not have. Often, these same people are members of a large bureaucratic environment, and therefore are willing to work towards the adoption of relevant laws, from time to time by the other as it is difficult to name the husk. In such a case, the modern youth is born stereotype that to get into the bureaucratic cage to approximate the political elite, for the possession of the top post in the business does not necessarily pass military service, "wasting" precious time. The stereotype comes to the same to that in any case it will be possible to declare about the problems with health, because of which the conscription at the time did not come true, but which, for some reason, do not interfere with hatch clock deputies in a leather armchair. Myopia does not stop pushing the right buttons at the ballot box, flat does not prevent to press the accelerator pedal "Lexus" or "Maybach" in the floor, and natural pacifism often is not opposed to being in different part of the defense committees, commissions, and the rest of the group.

Here's a list of only moderate scale Russian federal lawmakers who have been in the top echelons of power, not having behind what is called the duty performed by the venerable Russian citizen (at least, this information not reflected in their biographical materials).

Gudkov, Dmitry G. (the "Fair Our homeland). Year of birth 1980. Man and failed to pass conscription as that he simply "no time" to do. Of course! Two higher education, graduate school, and, if on such to happen at once — the officer's Stores! After the end of the military department Dmitry Gudkov immediately gets the title of Officer of supplies, which could not prevent even that the "officer" somehow managed to bypass the military service at all …

Gavrilov Sergey (CPRF faction). Year of birth 1966. In the biography of Sergei Medvedev's no information about passing their compulsory military service or a military (military-technical) education. But this did not prevent Sergei Gavrilov some time to work advisor, neither more nor less, Director General of FSUE "MiG" and then Adviser to the Director of "Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company", then end up in Myagenko the deputy cha

Subbotin, Stanislavski (LDPR faction). Year of birth 1982. Army service also passed the fate of Stanislavski. In 2004, Konstantin Subbotin graduated from the Urals LesTeh, then, apparently, was aiming to thrash the target's political career, and it must be admitted, "shots" were more than successful. Now the deputy in the State Duma Subbotin designed to solve our most urgent transportation issues. And, indeed, unless there need this service the call for this kind of political work …

Robert A. Schlegel (fraction "United We birthplace). Year of birth 1984. In the State Duma was elected in 23 years of age. Or was there an army service — If on a descent to deputies with such mundane experiences and breakneck Prof. career behind him! .. After obtaining a degree "journalist" writing a dissertation on the Protection of the manipulation of mass consciousness. Apparently, Robert A. skillfully defended himself … By the way, the deputy Schlegel was one of the founders of the amendments to the law "On Mass Media" at the root notching navetchikov and other lawbreakers. It turns out that the deputy Schlegel can fully zarubit creator for libel, for suddenly in his biography would be the point, indicating that he was "honored veteran of military service …"

Overall, the place is the fact that the discussion on the promotion of military service by conscription will grow into a real social and political wave, which will allow to determine the real and important values for people of Russia. In such a situation, the law seems entirely positive about, that stand in the way of the power of the people who spared execution honorable duties prescribed in the basic law of the country. With all of this same emperor Schlegel, which consists of the Duma committee on information policy, you can give advice to direct attention to the whole scattering of information resources that are engaged in military service depopulyarizatsiey pouring mud and the fact of the need of debt incumbency homeland. If so, for various reasons did not work in certain deputies at an army field, then wait for initiatives in this plan on the information front — here, too, the men need …

It is natural to suppress the occurrence of bad publicity resources in respect of service in the Russian army, and the very army to raise your reputation. For now disappeared concept of "honor officer" was once defined the essence of the Russian army. If it's about the concept will continue to be a doormat, it can be as much as necessary to shift all the turmoil in the media or bad faith of young people, but the prestige of the army of this obviously has not increased. And prestige — this is not always the level of real incentives.

How to stop the propagation of negative attitude to the army?

The increase in foreign exchange allowance — this is, of course, is fine, but in the end, army — Is not only and not so much a tool to make money, how many special environment that their status should be forms the spirit of patriotism in the country.

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