How to strengthen the defense and security of the country? Putins proposal

Despite the incessant howling of a "democratic opposition" over the trampling of rights in Russia and freedoms, Russian democracy is becoming more apparent. Previously, voters could see the applets candidate to take this or another post only through newspapers, radio and television, getting ready for all this information as a kind of reality, then at the moment at least some of us can take part in her own writing by role public discussion or through the application of its own proposals on the websites of the candidates and through other sites, such as the so bolshoepravitelstvo.rf, moscow-putinu.rf. The opportunity to discuss the role of different initiatives exist and opposition websites: LDPR.rf and

Last week, appeared on the Web site of the presidential RF VVFishing season. The website contains seven sections and is available in 2-domain areas: and putin2012.rf. Attention of users is proposed illustrated biography Fishing season, section summarizing the management experience of the candidate for the President and the facts associated with taking decisive municipal decision-making, a section on current activities Fishing season. Of particular interest is the section of the website dedicated to the program notes of the candidate, the final version of which will be approved in February.

The program section contains subsections 6

First sub-section summarizes more than a decade in power, Putin spends. Subsection "Our Values" is devoted to determining the values of spirituality as the basis of unity of the people. Part applets "Decent Life — citizens majestic country" refers to the expansion of social guarantees provided to citizens RF. In the section titled "A strong economy — a powerful Russia," Putin talks about the need to move away from the raw material orientation of the economy through its modernization.

Defense and security of the country is devoted to a separate part of the applets, which bears the title "Strong Our homeland in a complex world." Putin said that in recent years our home was restored to the status of one of the world powers of favorite. Aside from that, Putin is once again noted the extreme importance of deepening integration RF, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The web site provides the heading "People's opinion," allows user to add your own suggestions and requests, addressing them directly Putin. Using section, you can not just push their own proposal, yes and vote for or against the proposal put forward by another user.

At present, the website has already received several thousand suggestions. Taking into account the specificity of our resource and preferences of visitors, to analyze the proposals received on the website putin2012.rf that addressed the issues of defense and security, and foreign policy.

It is surprising, but the proposals of interest to those received so far not so much. Apparently, this is explained by the fact that the web site is launched only recently and most of the Russians using Web, yet does not know about its existence. With all this variation content of the proposals is very wide: from criticism of military caps form before the creation of the new Russian military-political blocs, including a counterbalance to NATO. Now most of the posts in the combined order increase the country's defense, the revival of the massive military-industrial complex and its scientific and technological base, and draft service contract and (Prof.) army.

Stand in the middle of sentences and extraordinary generated by the realities of the past months. For example, a citizen Andrey Sochivkin, referring to Putin, has done in Russia Institute for Defense Information, which would deal effectively quenching the negative information waves generated from abroad to undermine the stability of Russian society and the rocking of the country.

Many of the messages, according to the established tradition in the course of Putin's live television, focused on solving personal problems of individuals and wishes Putin victory in the upcoming presidential election.

The possibility of nominating its own proposals for ensuring the defense and security of the country — perfect chance to prove themselves to users of our web site, most of which takes a proactive stance and plainclothes also directly connected with military affairs. Pin our hopes that a healthy discussion on the topic title of this article will help to develop appropriate management decisions in the field of interest. We are convinced that in the end the debate, many of you will make your suggestions presidential candidate Vladimir Putin.

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