How to stun fish

How to stun fish

Lofty Russian. Link IL-2 flew on a mission. The front line they fall under heavy anti-aircraft fire, one aircraft is damaged and must turn back. It suspended two bombs and planting them is strictly prohibited, but that did not hurt civilians or troops, the pilot decided to throw them into the lake, near the base airfield.

At this time the regiment attack aircraft, is chief of staff of the army, which "flyers" submit. The general gave distinguished and sat at the table with the chain of command. Summer and covered outdoor, slightly to the side of the runway. The piece was one of the best, commanded by Maj. her — he a good pilot, and everyone in the regiment had hoped for awarding him another title. But the testing of new epaulettes not brought and it was felt that he decided to test the Major himself. At the table, poured put 100 grams and spread artless foods from the diet. Having tried a couple of spoons, General, referring to the commander of the regiment:
— What, you only concentrates from food?
— Yes, but all have become accustomed.
— And people need to be better to plead.
— So we bring that business executives, and then eat themselves to take no where.
— And over lake, probably a lot of fish. — And points to rising above the water surface in the four hundred meters.
— Yes we have and no gear for that.
— A fucking tackle, you throw a bomb, all fish will pop up.
— Yes, people have no free, and other things more important than enough.

Gen., not used to persuade, to get excited intractability started:
— We will not argue Maj., Consider it the order and proceed with the implementation, at the end of my report.

I got an answer: — Yes! — Left the table, drank preserver "weave" and hear the roar of the engine strained, lifted his head up. Because of the forest on low-level flight popped IL-2, and flying over the lake, dropped a bomb. Two large fountain spray with a roar went up to heaven, yet weak shock wave posbivat hats, people subconsciously forced to sit down. Picking up his hat, chief of staff, amid hanging over the lake splashing saw coming toward him, marched with the hand attached to the head, major. Staying in a meter away, the regimental commander, precise voice:
— Comrade Gen., your commands executed!

Gen. little spacey voice — Good Maj., well done, drill a hole on the shoulder straps. Or Diamonds for himself under his breath: — Your mom, because no one will believe you. Got into the car and drove away.

A regiment day or two, instead of the American stew with biscuits, had there is small, bony carp lake.

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