How to survive in the army

How to survive in the army

Every situation is very personalized. There is no universal model of behavior. But maybe someone will need my advice. I found it easier — I have all served in the family. At the moment, there are families where there are guys who served. If you know of such recruits — give them these tips. Maybe they are not perfect, but it's better than nothing.

1. Do not be afraid. Your main enemy — not demobilized, no complicated conditions of service, do not fool-Chief. Vulnerable to them you make your horror.

2. Do not come. Do not shake your rights, do not wave your laws. Not looking in the army of logic and justice. They have been found to you more intelligent, strong and knowledgeable people. The system stronger, she devoured them, and devour you. Just shut your ass in a fist and will suffer.

3. Do not stand out from the masses. If something humiliating commanded to do everything — and do you. If commanded to do something humiliating one for you — do not. And says — I like everything. Maybe for you it's going to beat. It's nothing. It's better than if you zachmoryat the floor.

4. Do not be a rat. Do not steal, do not knock, do not guzzle a parcel under the covers at night. Specifically, rats in 99% of cases are the greatest humiliation and beatings. If you are not, if you're a regular guy — you have nothing to fear. Analyze — do you have at the moment, to the army, the problem in the team? What you do not adore, do not respect what you beating up on the citizen — no doubt — for the same thing you will humiliate and thrash in the army.

5. Facing a candid freaks and sadists — save yourself. Run out of, come into its own recruitment office, the police, the military prosecutor, tell me how it happened, why did you run away. For you anything for it will not be. I beheld 10s such cases — no one was imprisoned for desertion if the soldier ran away because of bullying.

6. Prepare yourself for the army at the physical level. Start to run cross in the morning. In the army, you will be running around the 3 km each morning. If you're the last resort — you will peel and chmorit. Start to run at the moment. Now runs 300 meters Tomorrow 500. Later kilometer, two and three. In two weeks you will learn to run relaxed and 3 km in the army you it will not be the discrepancies.

7. Try as much as possible to start faster in the army of friends in their own division. At least the 1st other. Better — 5. Hold each other, to intercede for one another. If grandparents begin terrorizing the 1st of you — here come all the others. The worst thing — to be alone against a group of grandparents.

The problem of Russian is that we rarely intercede for each other in the Army. Representatives of other nations (Caucasians, Tatars, Bashkirs) immediately stray into such groups and should not be touched.

8. (Caution! This advice is not for everyone!) If you see that your grandfather is still banging at the moment — the first Lupi. In the lower jaw, under the chin. The blow to this place a person falls. Looks nice — packed in one fell swoop. ("I did that 100 times" (c), hehe). In the end, you will still be beaten, but most likely in the future will be left behind. From behind me.

9. Do not be a drip. Worse of all the army has to those who did not know how to do. If you're anything special (judge of the engines, excellent paint, play guitar, well you drive a car, you know a foreign language, you can fix the telly, great cook), then you will be respected for it.

10. And again — do not be afraid. Do not fear pain — and you will not be able to scare the danger beat. Do not be afraid of physical activity — and you do not scare them. The less you are afraid of something — the less of other abilities to manipulate you.

And remember — do not strive to be Batman, which is … Dembele all twisted. These are only in the movies. You will always get their share of beatings, humiliation and loads. I would like to say that I did not hit any grandfather. But it is not, in the first week, I made mistakes (eaten at night, avoiding work, afraid of) — and for that I thrashed a couple of times. At the same time — for the cause, I've behaved correctly. But I made conclusions, learned from their mistakes and those beaten in the first week were the last. You will be mistakes. Rid yourself of them all the time and you will be fine.

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