How to survive with the Russian North Caucasus

How to survive with the Russian North Caucasus

In the farms of south and south-east of the Stavropol region such inscriptions on the gate — is a normal part of "landscape". Leave the main Russian

This theme — Russian final, the Christian population in the south of — we have raised far more in 2006 in a material with almost life-affirming title "Return to Russia in the Caucasus? '. Then Correspondent "KP" toured the Russian community of the Northern Caucasus large arc — started with a measured Adygea, surrounded on all sides of the fertile Kuban and graduated own way in the harsh, at the Easter service in the Orthodox Church has just opened. Russian, with whom we met, convinced us that the ending has just begun. The process does not stop by itself and for itself inevitably spill out of the state republics to eternity Russian countryside. How unfortunate it did not sound the way it came out. According to the inexorable laws of ethnogenesis PASSIONARITY Caucasian population squeeze out "alien" aliens and has continued to expand the range of its own habitat. Now turn the southern and south-eastern regions of Stavropol Territory, where in recent months because of the terrible demographic pressure from the Caucasus simultaneously sharpened all ethnic sores, and went a solid string of conflicts.

Graves with flowers and notes

According to rumors on the Web, in the last months of ethnic affairs in Stavropol strained to the maximum. In the town Tipo unstuck leaflets: "Do not buy a flat in Russian. They leave, take the free. " The mysterious "men in black" in response to shooting nights of dancing lezginka Caucasians. Cossacks mass fight with Dargins. And Tipo's not the case. Say, have secret plans absorption section of Stavropol, caught in one of the North-Caucasian Federal surrounded by a mono-ethnic republics. With the inevitable with all this flight Russian population. Armed with printouts from the Internet, go to the head of the Office of National Stavropol.

— The phenomenon of selling media corrupt bureaucrat! — Ironically welcomes us Valery Novikov. — What are your interests?

— Who povinet and what to do?

— From Moscow, of course, know better, but the "flight", "outcome" — is not the same thing at the moment that is necessary to operate, — says Valery. — There is internal migration, and it is connected first with the economy.

And do not argue with the bureaucrat. Constitution to every citizen of the Russian Federation promised freedom of movement. And prohibit the Dagestani Chechens or go to Stavropol, Russian and leave with it legally impossible.

— Walk up to at least what the young man on the street and ask, "Who do you work and how much you get?" — Recommends Valery Novikov. — A common example. The brother of my wife worked as a bricklayer in the east of the region. Learned that in Stavropol for the same work are paid twice as much. They sold the house there, then got a one-room apartment, and he gets twice as much. He was sent from the office at
construction in Sochi. And there it is for the same work is still twice as much. He throws a job in Stavropol, there is arranged to make a rotational manner. This is one of many examples. If we solve the problem of socio-economic development of the region, and will remove the problem of inter-ethnic tension.

— So all-you acknowledge it …

— Peak inter-ethnic tension in the town was marked here and there in the middle of September — October. Many students came strongly from the republics of the North Caucasus. The process of adaptation and integration in the new socio-cultural criteria takes some time. And she went to information attack on the city.

Informvbrosy really different ingenuity. For example, walking in Stavropol rumor that Victory Park found the coffin, covered with flowers. And a note for him: "We have so many Russian cuttin how much color there." The very grave, in general, no one personally beheld. As a note, demanding not to take the apartment in Russian. But "people talk" …

— Now we do not have to read about the interethnic issue, but a philosophical approach to the surrounding reality — insists Valery Novikov. — When people come here with no idea what was going on outside the territory of the state of the republic, start controversy. And the hidden potential for conflict is enormous.

In parting, Valery gives us the book "Stavropol — the city of inter-ethnic harmony and interfaith dialogue." 350 pages in the middle, called for the need to promote tolerance we find the following lines from the report of the Stavropol State University associate professor Vladimir Savchenko, "most clearly exacerbated inter-ethnic affairs in the Stavropol region. It makes a real danger of national security of the Russian Federation, its territorial integrity, peace and tranquility in the region throughout the south of Russia. "

How to survive with the Russian North Caucasus

To blame for the fire has not found the

Department against the police?

In Stavropol, by the way, inter-ethnic confrontation escalated into the newest organized phase. For the recognition of local operatives in the town are some of the teams who come to places where Caucasians dancing their folk dances. Silently, masked men opened fire on the mass of travmatiki. After that disappears, and there on the spot by the police. Someone says, what is wrong with it, then the "men in black" and work together. Allegedly, the inhabitants call outfit, but instead he faces the guardians of the "law of silence", the Rangers, as in the best years of feral West. Some people believe that this is an "autonomy-nationalists", tangled leash on the basis of personal security companies. The fact remains — for these attacks on Caucasian youth no one was caught. Although, the assurances of ethnic diasporas are known not only numbers of cars, "avengers", and their names.

— We are already on the brink of war, — the head of the Dagestani gesturing dramatically diaspora in Stavropol Abdullah Lobster. — We have almost all started. None of the Federal Ministry for Nationalities, ideologies …

— But there are also domestic opposition. In the Caucasus, a large birth rate, people are moving, conflicts are inevitable …

— What you need to do in this case? Legislation to limit the birth rate? Or, to explain to people that this is the reality from which we will not go away? Or give birth too. Either the policy must be built, so that people want to give birth in. In the majority of Muslims are trying not to do abortions. This is the reality, they need to prepare society.

— People live for years to their way of life, and new immigrants come and try to break down this way.

— Naturally, I am opposed to the Dagestani two in the morning then danced Lezghinka. It is a violation of public policy. All you need to cook, speak in Dagestan, Ingushetia, to explain. Unfortunately, many of the conflicts in the Stavropol region are not the ones who live here constantly, and those who come to relax. And I spoke to the President of Dagestan, and to the Ministers of the R
epublic with a request to create a mechanism to leaving the Republic understand that they are going to people who are different mentality.

By the way, in the southern Stavropol revel in the coming weekend including the security forces of the North Caucasian republics. Why should only the sensational case in Zelenokumsk where Chechen policeman tried to rape a 15-year-old woman. Clashes with local law enforcement agencies are not entirely adequate representatives of the security forces in Chechnya have become equally commonplace for Minvody and Pyatigorsk. In the latter in July last year on the basis of the local police department was created by a special anti-rowdy in a visiting uniform. But did not last long. After the institution of a criminal case on the head of ATS Pyatigorsk Savely Arapidi special department was disbanded. A Arapidi was accused of negligence in connection with the August attack in the town. Like, failed to intercept a booby-trapped car. A senior police officer had a very glory of contact person, but to talk to us did not. "Guys, I'm under investigation," — he said we were somehow guilty.

— Yes, you better write, for which all the posts on the road to Chechnya poubirali — lamented the local policeman, tormoznuvshy us for a minor infraction. — So here because anyone can come! Outside posts forbade us to stop cars with Chechen numbers. Well, from Dagestan through Neftekumsky area Us can be relaxed to pass.

Fiery glare Zelenokumsk

About Neftekumsky Stavropol region we were in charge of terrible even during the second Chechen War. Then the terrain area, occupying nearly a third of Stavropol bloomed so called Nogai Jamaat, which is to eliminate the security forces conducted a series of operations. Completely cleared the Jamaat only in recent years, and the most weird — to secure the Russian presence in the steppes of Kuma even had to hold military exercises. Army, air force and armored vehicles acted on Jamaat sobering. The military were in the most remote corners of the district, according to rumors, there were clashes. As a consequence, after missing the Wahhabi teachings posts on the steppe roads in the villages finished appear strange people with weapons. Yet this region, bordering immediately with 2 turbulent republics, took a lot of Russian refugees from Chechnya and Dagestan of the Russian immigrants, in general, increased the degree of inter-ethnic animosity. A couple of years back in the area there is another problem — the uncontrolled internal migration from the adjacent Dagestan, experiencing a population explosion. Resettled in the Stavropol region, usually members of one of the most numerous ethnic groups of Dagestan — Dargin.

The Stavropol district chieftain Alexander Falko we met at the border 2-steppe regions — St. George and Russian. Were sitting in the former koshara, converted Nogays under a roadside cafe, drinking tea, admiring the December fields covered with lush greenery.

— In Neftekumsky and steppe regions of stronger migration appear. Indigenous people have — Nogai (descendants of various Turkic and Tatar tribes that were part of the Golden Temnik Nogai Ulus. Priemuschestvenno live in Stavropol and Dagestan. — Ed.) And Russian Cossacks. Contradictions in particular they do not, got used to each other for hundreds of years — we talk of chieftain. — Final Russian population? Well seen, but we're about it too much at the moment are not talking. The setting we have more or less measured.

Indeed, much much quieter … Interethnic fighting youth who diligently recorded in the summary as "domestic disputes" happen here every week. On the night of the massacre in nedavneshnego Zelenokumsk in the "quiet" village Irgakly Stepnovskogo area burned along with the house of the head of the local administration hereditary Cossack girl Love Kokorev. Zelenokumskaya action "information blocked" this tragedy, and beyond Stavropol this story did not come out. Ataman, the last effort to try not to "incite" blurts us that death head, like it or not, it is a quixotic and it happened immediately after the violent city election, in which Cossack defeated. And another curious detail, about which we have already told in Irgakly: on the night of perdition Love Kokorevs someone cut from the structure of the municipality two flags — Russian and Stavropol. The village is well realized the symbolic meaning of this "theft". And this destruction …

"Where to run — up to the snow-white sea"?

Roads in the area are good and Stepnovsky desert. Men sits on their villages and hamlets, the age-old way of living. The word "Russians" are not accepted in principle. Every town has a clear segregation along ethnic lines, "Russian Street "," Nogay side, "" Dargin farm, "etc.

As it turns out, to understand the local ethnic and religious cherespolositsy easier than usual. If on arrival at the village stands worship the cross, meaning the majority of the population — the Russian. If the cross was barely visible stump, meaning the inhabitants of the village changed in the process of "internal migration". In Irgakly memorial cross was, and to the cross as an add-10s were signs on the gate, "Sell the house." In recent years Irgakly become intensely populated Dargins and Nogai — the most indigenous population of the region — ran together with the Russian. They are there about equally — 2000 Russian, as many Nogai and 700 Dargin.

Of course, in recent years the village was activated Cossack community, which has hundred "swords", patrolling the streets together with the police, raises the conflicting parties — Dargin and Russian, Dargin and Nogai. The Cossacks and do not hide that, to put it tolerant language, "ethnic map of the area has changed irrevocably." Two earrings — Minaev chieftain and his assistant — they shout at us, interrupting each other:

— What will happen? I 1st Maltz ask: how much you have in Russian class? He says 14 people. Beguiled lad — not in the classroom, but in the whole school. So what is to become of us after generation?

A little tipsy Ataman assistant Serge nods thoughtfully, grief. He has now returned from the army, son, of course, his father drunk with joy. But after a week again leave offspring are likely to have forever — in Stavropol, to complete their education in college. The work is not here and will not be — the land around the village and rented their newcomers, and the latest ground as mirthless joke Cossacks, "since the creation of the world are no longer made." Ataman himself Sergey Minaev of collapsed farm escaped, bought the land — Cossack community assist grain on the first sitting. Profit is not expected to run and is not going anywhere. Especially since the days of tractor bought, reputable company — "Made in the USSR".

— And where we'll escape to a snow-white sea? — Asks himself chieftain. — Briefs already fled, but we decided to stay. If strictly outsiders, they are quiet, quiet. That greenish Grove kicked Dargin. It turned out one rape, later 2nd — Russian girls. Tired. Organized into the Cossacks came, loaded them in little things "KamAZ" and praying at home and sent. Were taken to the border and unloaded there. In general, there is a family of 91 Dargin left 17 families. Quiet. This is true if the communication established, it happens like that. Comes that of the golden eagle in the family for a visit, and he immediately said: are you not bykuy, you're gone, and we live here! Here is a sure interethnic dialogue, but make it hard. The hardness is needed. I'm only 12 kilometers from our village took for himself a small hut. There, in a remote area, live Dargin. Russian there is left a little — a family of four. Caucasians, of course, borzeyut — sheep graze right in the elderly in the gardens at the cemetery.
They say that overlooked. The police is not going to complain about the sheep! And it lasted all until one of these sheep do not groom some shooting. And fences them posshibat on the tractor. Dagestani immediately came running up to me to complain.

According to the chieftain, the Cossacks reappeared in Irgakly, as it became quite clear that the police hope is not enough. For police Cossacks also have to speak up, even while Prof. Cop prazdnichkom.

— Two of the Dagestani Irgakly come in for a day at the police Steppe. In one cafe stopped — by the cops gave snot. In another went — and the cops were given and the Cossacks. I called back — complained the district chieftain! You are human, shouted to them, you have an army — two hundredths man! I have them here strolling gold, come to me to say hello. Ment to meet, ask what it is for you to give Dargins by snot? And the cop says to me: yes themselves to blame! I did not realize — you power or what? Yes it through all the power and crumbling! Or on the last New Year's Eve in the village center sits intoxicated Caucasian, drinking vodka. He makes some of the officers note — drinking in the wrong place. It reacts peculiar: yes who you are, so I do the comments! Here we come, sober, obviously, all of the form: "Now do not get out the vodka, take the lane and uplift." Dagestani us yelling, "Do not do this!" I ment to show: "He has no such right, and we have. Realized? "

Find out what the Dagestani think about the method of inter-ethnic reconciliation by Sergei love, set, we headed into the first Dargin Cochard.

To be continued

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