How to tighten up a steep

Legend says that Grushevskii, Petljura and Vynnychenko — is convinced fighters for Ukrainian independence. In reality samostiynost announced only a week before Krut.

How to tighten up a steep

From the memoirs of participants at a steep battle: "I pochuv Yak Tse, the chomus Meni maynulo in golovі:" Propane obіd! That slit th s m'yasom. " Znovu zchinivsya sharvarok, znovu bezgluzdya "…

One of the readers of the newspaper "Today", who sent its own comments on our website, proposed to call this historic event "Bike" Pied cool. " Like, so many around him just lied. But the bike — it's not just a load of bull. In another sense — it's a fable. A fable by the very genre of its own — didactic work, the task of which is an allegory to teach us a lesson. Fight at a steep as the focus, gathered within itself all the usual features of Ukrainian history: fearfulness, confusion, vanity, embezzlement, futile attempts to overcome these small expert vices flash of heroism, their failure and high-spirited zeal hide their tracks — a muddy foam PR.

There is a misconception that is shared by many researchers that "Project Ukraine" was deeply obmyslennoy special operation by the German and Austrian secret service during the First World War. Allegedly, the Russian intelligence had to deal with just stogolovoy hydra grown in Galicia in the laboratory of dark genius Metropolitan Sheptitskogo! How annoying would it sounds, funny truth is that "the Ukrainian business" this Austrian cavalry officer of Polish descent interested only as horses and fell off due to injuries acquired in the most important place for the man, was obliged to change his uniform habit . He was anything but not a genius.

How to tighten up a steep

Sinezhupanniki. Gallant-looking warriors fled their homes soon after his arrival in Kyiv in spring 1918

Such as "eunuchs" were all the other fathers of independence. Get at least the same Hrushevskoho. It is best to have it looked out to build their own houses and mobilize students to write a multi-volume work unreadable "History Ukraine-Russia ". The end of life Grushevskii not really learned to speak Ukrainian. Ukrainian language of his works — the dead. When you read his Ukrainian-opus, it seems that he wrote in Esperanto. Quite another memory left his texts written in Russian. Immediately obvious — the language native to him. Grushevskii spoke in Russian at home, in school, in college. And "Ukrainian Right" was just a job for him — vtochnosti the same as for some of today's grant-. The future doctor simply had no place at the Department of Russian history at the Kiev Institute of St. Vladimir, and he went abroad — to the city, where, in the absence of local cultural training, was a free professorial vacancy. Not enough people remember that article, in which he first referred to Galicia "Ukrainian Piedmont" was written in Russian and is headquartered in St. Petersburg in 1906 — for the royal rubles!

Legend says that Grushevskii, Petljura and Vynnychenko — is convinced fighters for Ukrainian independence. What plans they hatched this struggle for decades. In fact, the only supporter of Ukraine's independence in 1918 was to only eccentric Kiev lawyer Nicholas Mikhnovsky — creator of "independence of Ukraine" published in Lviv in 1900. And Mikhnovsky did his best to hide from the Royal Government of its "samostiynichestvo." His pamphlet left anonymously. The general public did not know it perfectly. More precisely, she knew just how rowdy saved a spouse with their own boss. Idealistic love for Ukraine is not prevented Mikhnovsky spend the World War II as a military prosecutor in Kiev.

How to tighten up a steep

Grushevskii most dreamed to get the breech professor's retirement from Austria

And Simon Petljura and Grushevskii and Vynnychenko, and all the Central Council federalists were right up to the January 22, 1918, when he left Universal IV. The best that they claimed — is the autonomy of Ukraine in the Russian democratic republic.

While in Petrograd was ruled by their political friends Masons Kerensky and the company, such a federation seemed entirely plausible. And the Provisional Government and the Central Council to speak the same political language. They dreamed of a Constituent Assembly and endless discussions, and beheld how the future history of intellectuals gatherings. Only not in the kitchen, and in the parliament. Everything changed revolution on October 25 (November 7 n. Cent.) In Petrograd. The arrival of the Bolsheviks — tough and resolute people — showed that the debate be canceled. And then the yellow and blue parrots of the Central Council handy two months to figure out: it is time to take the independence!

The battle took place at a steep 29 January 1918 — just a week after the adoption of the Universal of the Central Rada IV, which appointed samostiynost. Surprisingly, that a steep though someone drove! Time to "mobilize" and preparation for war is simply no choice.

Often asked why the Ukraine in the early XX century, it did not work? After all, gained independence as Finland, Poland. Well, Lenin managed to capture almost all of the former Russian Empire, although in the last day or not was not in the state service. The fact is that between Pilsudski and Lenin, on the one hand, and Grushevskii Petlyura and — on the other, it was fundamentally the difference. Pilsudski — bandit. During the Russian-Japanese war, he managed to get right up to the land of the rising sun to knock funds for terrorist attacks against the Russian government. Pilsudski personally led raids on the train! Lenin also not ruled Institute generous girls and a gang of dangerous thugs. His young apprentice, Stalin took a can! Dzerzhinsky cut throat policeman was easier than we are with you chicken. This tubercular patient shot people weave, and no one has ever heard that before his tortured nightmares. "Iron" Felix was truly steel. The only one who was not afraid of him — it's tubercle bacillus. A Vynnychenko in my life have learned to command only his own wife Rose. And over Grushevskii frankly pohihikivali even students. Bearded, galoshes, always afraid of cold — is this leader? And even Petlyura before learning how to shoot, had to go through a long evolution from the editor, published in Moscow until the Russian Revolution magazine "Ukrainian Life" to a "dictator" Ukraine, What in fact he will only get through year After a steep!

How to tighten up a steep

"Leaders" of Ukraine. In the center — Prime Minister Vynnyche
nko. Last on the right — the minister of war Petljura

Finland was quite ready for independence. Until 1917 it formed quite country with its own Diet, political parties and the currency — the Finnish mark. She tied with Russia only general government. As the first revolution overthrew the king, separation Finland became a matter of time. Not enough only formalities. And Ukraine until 1917 was in the minds of a few 10-s more or less intelligent people.

In 1903, the monument Kotlyarevsky opened in Poltava. Kiev went there from all available at that time, "conscious Ukrainians." They traveled by train. Someone joked that if the train breaks, that's all Ukrainian movement is complete. The audience laughed. But the phrase does not mean that whole train consisted of one "Ukrainians." If they gather in one place of the train, it is unlikely to accumulated more 1st car!

How to tighten up a steep

The Red Guards at a steep. Reconstruction of the club "Red Star" shows both sides

Lenin life until 1917 calculates the options of its own invasion of the active policy. His articles demonstrate the passion with which he watches the events and trying to predict their development. He left a legacy of great theoretical. He had the instinct of power and in the era of the first congress of the party was able to put together a group of devotees energetic colleagues — that famous People's Commissars. Sverdlov, Kamenev, Stalin, even "Judas" Trotsky — all the staff are brilliant discoveries of Vladimir Lenin. They are like dogs remained unleash — tear.

Nominal head of the Central Council Grushevskii the background of these guardsmen Reds revolution — just an old barrel of rotten cabbage. You know what he dreamed of before the First World War? Curry favor with the Austrian professor's retirement in Lviv and relaxed retire. Again, he never dreamed serious about the independence of Ukraine! For him, it was a method to earn money and be original on the background of the 10-s ordinary "loyalists" professors. When the story called him, he was not ready as a bad student for the exam.

But maybe it was the other people? Our bottoms are used to blame everything on the tops, zapamyatyvaya that the "cream" made from milk. What kind of milk — and these cream. On mirror necha complain if muzzle curve. What was the "face" of the then Ukrainian people?

In his memoirs, General Yuri Petlyura Tiutiunnik is an episode in 1917 he decided to form a "Ukrainian" Regiment. For this purpose, the Ukrainianization policy pursued by the Provisional Government and the Central Rada, picked recruits from Poltava, Kiev, Chernigov, Volyn, Chelm, Podolia, Kherson, Katerynoslavs'ka and Kharkov provinces. In general, from all over Ukraine. I quote:

"Pribulo schos to 7 tisyach. Vіdkrivayuchi vіche I zaproponuvav:

— Tho pomіzh you ukraїntsі, pіdnesіt hand burn down!

Pіdneslosya not bіlshe trohsot hands.

— Malorosi! Pіdnesіt hands!

Pіdneslo hands prisutnіh half of the colony.

— Khakhlov! Pіdnesіt hands!

Znov pіdnesla tretina good hands.

— Ukraїntsі, malorosi i Khakhlov! Vsi time pіdnesіt hands!

Hope heads kіlkatisyachnoї yurbi pіdnіssya lіs hands. "

So, out of 7 thousand people who came Ukrainised (it's very decently sociological selection!) In 1917, self-identified themselves as Ukrainians all three! A paltry 4.28 per cent! Others considered themselves Khokhlov, Little Russians — who else but the Ukrainians. This is the real picture of what we call the public consciousness of the masses.

How to tighten up a steep

Damned piece of metal stuck! In 1918, besides the headquarters fled to drunk

As for the First World War, the Austrians tried to form a captive of the same "Ukrainians", "Little Russians" and "Ukrainians" military forces against Russia. Nothing came of it. Austrian intelligence chief Max Ronge was obliged to state: "These prisoners were interested in the socialist standards, but by no means least, not national."

Although officially at the time of the battle at a steep power in Kiev belonged to the Central Rada, but the population of its own weight, "the capital of Ukraine" was or reddish, or pure white. Hem and "Arsenal" controlled units of the Red Guards. All the forces of the Central Council were thrown to the oppression of the Kiev Bolshevik uprising, more support of the urban poor. Because a steep tiny squad was focused directly to the unfortunate student platoon, who was captured by muravevtsam.

If you read the truth, in Ukraine in 1918, the battle was between several political projects. Reddish, white-, yellow-blue and black (anarchist). Three of them, one way or another, have been aimed at a single Russian. Only beheld her own way. Against this background of weak Ukrainian project had no chance. No wonder it took for operetta. Lack of seriousness was already in the titles, which are offered to the people, "kermanichi." For example, the Ukrainian army began with "Vіyskovogo Ukrayinsky club Hetman Polubotka" which Fictions Nicholas Mikhnovsky. Hearken to what associations the ordinary man is the word "club"? The place where they drink and walk! And so it was in reality. As recalled by participants in the battle at a steep, their command of the census of before the fight and yanked from the station on the train at the first shots, leaving soldiers without bullets. Train with the commanders had to catch up on the rather loose snow. Can you imagine the speed developed Ukrainian cadets, if the staff are all part of the same caught up! In this case, machine guns, which dragged on for yourself.

No wonder these memoirs did not come out with the same in 1918, when they were placed in Kiev "Military Science Journal." Oh, so this heroic story sounds in the original: "dovga rozvіdka not Vertan, nareshtі godinі about 2 day or have returned cholovіk 2 oє, Cudi Well Rasht dіlosya — nevіdomo i uttered, scho bolshoviki nastupayut. Yak I pochuv Tse, the chomus Meni maynulo in golovі: "Propane obіd! That slit th s m'yasom. " Znovu zchinivsya sharvarok, znovu bezgluzdya, znovu Vsi hloptsі, bіlsh yak half pіshli on linіyu, mayuchi on 1st oboymі naboїv. Nіhto not zvernuv uwagi to those scho STAFF potyag passes pulling Zi stantsії already lit a cigarette! s STAFF zalishilosya schos dvoє ofіtserіv-artіlєrіstіv that our captain, to staff potyazі poїhalo kіlka i yunkerіv to headquarters rushed into the battle for seredinі іnstruktsіyami, ale i yogo slіd forgiven. "

If, on the happiness of Ukrainian myth-makers, the Bolsheviks captured was not involved in combat platoon student together with his nephew minister of foreign affairs of the Central Rada Vladimir Shulgin and his perekololi, abruptly left would only apparent following a shootout with drape. Young people are willing to do some fighting. But the war killed. It happens. There is nothing you can do about it. At the same time young people are killed the more than slower stir at the top brains adult uncle. No wonder I have already mentioned diarist referred to the event "bіykoyu pid Kruty without patronіv." And, i
f we are to be perfectly clear, even without a brain. Prior to tighten Krut. And now be turned out — is almost 100 years old.

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