How to use Google Adsense

How to use Google AdsenseAdsense — a system of promotion and advertising websites. It allows webmasters to have their own web pages relevant contextual links for market participants in the system area. If someone clicks on the link, the webmaster will get its own interest, because many of them filled with such content their websites, so it was easier to work in Adsense.
Here are a few qualities that are necessary to direct the attention of those who wish to receive the highest benefit from the role in Google Adsense.
1. Theme.
On the one hand, focused on certain subjects orientation helps to break into the first ranks of the search engines. In turn, web advancement facilitates advertising effectiveness. On the other hand, context advertising will not make much money, if the customer is not profitable to its placement in the webmaster aimed at filling certain subjects.
2. Keys.
You can have the reference method of pay-for-keywords (keywords paying for), but it is not profitable.
3. Time heals.
Website Optimization and its successful indexing Googl'om — the key to significant growth in the number of relevant advertisements.
4. A special code.
Designed for Googl'om of Adsense, this code allows webmasters to manage a great marketing campaign web site.
5. The study of marketing traffic.
For this there is traffic statistics, which provides Google. It allows the webmaster to identify both positive and ineffective solutions. For a more complete and unbiased statistics is better to take at least a week of activities in this field. Then, you can compare the results of activities in different weeks of the month, so Makarov, painting a correct analysis.
6. Accommodation marketing platforms in the text.
The better marketing code is integrated into the page, the higher the return. In the middle of numerous methods such integration can be distinguished one in which retracts the block boundary, creating the illusion that the inalienability of the text. Google also recommends that these areas should allocate any color, for the fastest verbovaniya attention of the guests.
7. Quantity or quality.
Not recommended to place more 3 blocks to the page, otherwise your website at risk to be reincarnated as a marketing hole.
8. Hot spots.
Hot spot — is advertising in which it does not need to scroll to read. So Makar, significantly increases the possibility of its reports to the potential client. Web sites that have hot spots are characterized by maximum efficiency.
9. Which banner is better.
It was confirmed that more than banner (as Adsense — Site 160 600), the better. But many still strongly depends on the design page, and webmaster will have to experiment, the narabatyvaya experience and ability to evaluate the outcome.

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