How to wage war with the gun?

How to fight with such weapons?

Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov at a meeting of the Public Chamber, said that most of the Russian military equipment behind in technological development, giving primacy to its zabugornom counterparts. The general said the range of fire fighting Israeli tank Merkava-MK4 more than several times greater than Russian T-90, and the South American HIMARS (rocket artillery system) affects objects at a distance of 150 km to 70 km Russian "Smerch".

He also directed attention to the imperfection of gallakticheskih opto-electronic devices that are able to remain in orbit for about 5 years old at the time as foreign technology — up to 15 years. As a result, the country must expend considerably huge amount of their creation. In addition, N.Makarov added a few words about the failure of Russian military equipment provide a high level of protection of soldiers and officers in time battlefield. He stressed that the technique should be improved so Makarov, that under all circumstances the crew remained alive.

Slightly earlier (in March 2011) made similar statements and Alesandr Postnikov, Commander of Land Forces. He stressed that produced military equipment does not meet the characteristics of NATO. He revealed that the T-90 — this is only true copy of the T-72, its cost in all of this is 118 million rubles, and for that kind of money it would be profitable to buy "Leopards".

In the true time Defense makes the military-industrial complex over the high requirements for products. The fact that the military industry can compete with the foreign and justified the visit of Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin at the Gorky Automobile Plant. In time visit, they were asked to familiarize themselves with new models GAZ, also with the developments of wheeled armored vehicles. Were shown the new armored cars "Tiger", a police special purpose vehicle "Bear" and BTR-82A.

Armored family of "Tiger" (which is "Tiger 6a", "Tiger" MK-BLA-01 ") were made at the initiative of designers, engineers, and workers" Military-Industrial Company ". "Tiger 6a" provides ballistic protection 6a class, and thanks to the installation of additional plates on the bottom and in the back seats also increased energy and mine protection.

The complex "Tiger" MK-UAV-01 "created on the chassis of a police car" Tiger "with a fifth booking class. It was created for transportation and the introduction of a minimum 2-unmanned aerial aparata for a certain time, handling various kinds of disk imaging. The introduction of similar systems will enable the introduction of a group of UAVs and increase their level of mobility and security.

President and Prime Minister have shown the effectiveness of the "Tiger", BTR-82 and "Bear" in practice. Machines series of obstacles overcome on a small plot areas. Medvedev and Putin were also given the opportunity to check out these armored cars. They chose "The Bear", and down from the cab, and shared their experiences. According to them, the technique they liked, she entreated to maneuver and control, and also liked the fact that the engine is produced in Russia (which is in principle).

But if the problem with military equipment once solved, here's the problem of a shortage of recruits so far failed to solve. N.Makarov said that more young men of military age impose a delay, so that out of the total amount is still only about 12 percent, and half of them have swept aside for health reasons. So in fact a call. But turn away from the pryzyva and go to a contract army until the country can not, therefore, as it requires a very great deal. At present, the military service sent about 19 thousand recruits from 90 thousand young men, on the basis of generally accepted medical board suitable for the army. And this at a time, as planned dial 135 thousand soldiers.

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