How true elect washing machine?

How to choose a washing machine?Often one of the first family purchased the appliances is the automatic washing machine. Almost everyone who has ever found in the house of an automatic washing machine, remembers when life was at once much easier and more comfortable. Washing of severe and labor-intensive process turned into almost imperceptible breeze. All the difficulties lay on the washing machine. We are now quite a few buttons to press, and after some time to get it moist linen.

But in order for this pattern lasted a little longer, you need to take seriously the issue of selection and purchase washing machine. What are the key features of washing machines?

Depending on the method of loading laundry, they can be both a horizontal and a vertical load. Machines and dryers are usually more reliable than machines with horizontal loading. Thus, in machines with a horizontal axis is set on the loading one suspension, the vertical y — two. Because machines and dryers are more reliable, and more expensive. In addition, the extract and load linen these machines more comfortable.

But the range of machines with horizontal loading more. They are narrow (32-34 cm), medium (40 to 42 cm) and a full-size (50-60 cm). This class of washing machines are usually cheaper. A narrow machine is selected in case of scarcity of space for installation. Emche full-size cars and more reliable. Modern washing machines fall and the level of energy consumption, efficiency, wash and spin.

Important indicator washing machine and a number of revolutions during wringing. It's not necessary to pursue the huge number of turns, because it may result in damage to the laundry, electricity consumption, excessive machine wear. For cotton quite completely 800 rev / min and gentle fabrics — 400 rev / min. Another feature of the washing machine is a type of control — electrical or mechanical.

The reliability washing machine influences and country of origin. Korean cars (Samsung, LG, Daewoo) firmly with more than 5 years, the Italian (Indesit, Zanussi, Ariston) — 5-8 years, German (Privileg, Miele, AEG) — 10-15 years.

It should be remembered that the duration of the washing machine of high quality impact and operating conditions. Voltage drops, poor water quality, incorrect installation and other reasons often lead to damage to the machine. Washing machine — Quite a daunting household appliance. Because it is better to repair the washing machine at the service center.

The process of installing and connecting the washing machine asks specific skills and training. It is necessary to fulfill the supply of water, electricity, self-draining into the gutter. Because for the installation and connection of the washing machine is also better to use the service center.

In our time, washing machines can be purchased cheaply at online stores, specialty stores and hypermarkets in home appliances. Sale and b / hand machinery from Europe. Along with that you need to keep in mind that the savings on buying, could cost the cost of repairs.

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