How we fell in love in the 90s or Borders democratic hypocrisy

Foreign the stereotype of, the plot of which is set in a traditional balalaika, dolls, boots, bottles of vodka and a nuclear bomb, a long time made foreign people with horror, enthusiasm and lack of understanding to look at our country.

How we fell in love in the 90s, or the boundaries of the "democratic" hypocrisy

Naturally, these grotesque images were perceived far not all, but it forms the stable representation of the Russian Federation in those who do not particularly go into geopolitical details. The history of what our homeland — country snow, in which roam the streets of the cities or the hungry bears, or people wearing hats with earflaps or Budyonny caps, began to leave in the past, creating new stereotypes.

After the metal curtain between our country and the West has been dismantled, the information field has become richer and more diverse. West townsman in paints showed that bears in Russian towns there, but there are waiting for the fruits of democracy in the form of worn items delivered to Russia in the form of humanitarian aid.

Western news programs with a gusto covered "how well the Communists brought the country" if the poor post-Soviet citizens are ready to trample each other on the square where the "new friends" scattered handfuls of foreign-made cigarettes mixed with chewing gum. People who caught one "wonderful" time well remember how before the arrival of another German-American-Japanese or other delegations on the town began to spread information that will be something again "scatter free" — say, you should not miss … With all this Seniors citizens only spat, looking at how young and middle-aged people staged the most true carnage because of two or three packs of Marlboro or drawer sticks, called "chocolate."

Humanitarian aid, which generously shared with us the progressive world, was designed not to feed the hungry people the latest of, and to show that "the West with us." Say, here is finally the Russian citizens closer to democratic standards, and finally the time has come when every post-Soviet people figure out how altruistic people overseas, as they are willing to share with us the great American dream.

West he suddenly felt himself as a messiah for the Russian people. Any South American family that packs a parcel for "friends" of the Russian Federation jeans head of the family in which he was still gratifying marched through the streets of Houston in the day the announcement of the successful flight crew of American astronauts to the moon, felt a sense of ownership in the case of formation of bolshennomu RF the path of true democracy. Russian family who were registered for the West polls needy, found in the human parcels with almost incomprehensible inscription «Merry Christmas!» Briefs or shorts in the colors of the South American flag with a scorched patch on the causal place, already knotted tie and a shirt with yellow armpit — wear Russian friends on health.

In an instant the great people of the country for the reincarnated "developed" strangers in a sorry, a dying herd, which all originally wanted to promote. Someone had sent Frank Sinatra records, some brochures on how to fine, warm, light and satisfying to be in paradise …

Country began to experience for yourself on that after all this attention progressive West. Pacifist hysteria swept the country. With all the television channels we constantly reporting that another military base closed in Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland and other countries. And were in charge of how the people of these countries are pleased peace initiatives of the late rannerossiyskogo and management in terms of the complete demilitarization. However, no time to leave for home Russian soldiers, as they also took place here as representatives of another country that has felt like a winner in Cool war. Oh, that's really, the holy place is never empty.

On the screens of television sets were constantly municipal bureaucrats, behind whom were foreign "consultants" and declared the country that dismantled another radar cut another submarine, the next part of highly enriched uranium taken abroad. All this is presented as a new manifestation of foreign assistance. Allegedly, the West will take us "unnecessary" nuclear fuel to bypass the risk of pollution Russian cities.

And most of our fellow citizens, we must admit, has received such statements at face value. In the legs, of course, not bowed, but not all too far away to give yourself a report that is still in effect with the state. Far not everyone was aware that "free" humanitarian aid paid a hundredfold by the then authorities. Faded jeans to the holes and brochures of Soros Fund changed on strategic supplies of. Chicken cubes were in exchange for oil, margarine, "Rama" which stubbornly touted as oil, came over the hill, and back — over the hill took out the gold and silver bullion, which was paying brand new power … Democracy sold us on the value itself, which now can safely be called astronomical. With all of this information environment specifically mitigated negative by most of the Russian society.

Given that the laws of distribution disk imaging over the last couple of decades in the majority of the property remains the same (changed only the means and methods), it appears that far not all of the presented to the Russian Federation from a number of foreign countries can now be regarded as impartial good. If age-specific humanitarian aid and distortion of information it was gratuitous, but now comes a brand new era — an era strengthen information campaigns. Our homeland will soon become the object of media pressure not only on the pages zabugornyh publications, and in the framework of various international organizations. Full anti-Russian information campaign started after the West realized that our home is not going to continue to continue to live by the principles imposed from the outside. For obvious reasons, the foreign forces totally do not like the fact that our homeland is trying to revive its influence in the world and to become a major regional player, which affects almost all of the Eurasian continent.

Some zabugornye media try to directly hit the prestige of, others try to use covert approach, publishing a study conducted by foreign companies and funds that have to "shed light" on the internal Russian problem. Proceed with the information published on the days of the British analytical service Legatum Institute. Specialists of the agency monitored so called prosperous states. Of course, we ourselves also are perfectly aware that the level of prosperity we are still very far away, but here are the results, analysts suggest the Legatum Institute entirely too weird thoughts. Thus, the analyzes of the British company they say that our homeland by the level of prosperity is on the 66th place in the world. Well, God bless him, with the 66th place, will deliver the reader. And, indeed, God bless him, but, according to research by the same professionals, it was found that the level of "prosperity" we are losing even countries such as Mongolia, Belarus, Uzbekistan and even …

By what aspects of British experts evaluated the ranking of the world? If the level of GDP per capita, then in Russia at face value, he is about 13.2 thousand dollars a year, but in Mongolia and Uzbekistan — $ 4743 and $ 3500 respectively … If you keep records on the level of public debt, then
the list has been would look quite different. Maybe it was considered by the supplies of resources …

How we fell in love in the 90s, or the boundaries of the "democratic" hypocrisy

In general, the experts at the British services outlined above results of our studies presented, but the technique to reveal their own analytical calculations forgotten. And so this kind of information can be courageously, as they say in the Internet community now send "this sucks."

And these "analyzes" of the situation in RF dime a dozen. Not so long ago, a research department of the United Nations published the results of its own study that found that in the world of "dying out" of 28 cities, 11 of which are in Russia. Among the endangered got even St. Petersburg, although its population in recent years grows fairly steady pace, which is fixed by Rosstat and other services.

Not hard to guess that the list drawn up by the UN, there was not the 1st South American, British, Canadian or Australian city … Of course not there. After all, the purpose of this list is not presenting a real disk imaging on the dilemmas of the world's population, and the discrediting of certain countries, many of which turned out to be, and our homeland. With all this the same UN investigators have not explained why they brought in the Russian northern capital inhabited by endangered Fri world, and here, for example, the Scottish Glasgow, whose population in the last half a century had fallen almost 300 thousand people on this list have not even mentioned . Suspicious selectivity …

If you look at the ratings of Russian politicians published in the foreign press, it is quite unclear how such ratings in general can exist in a political sense … When all this is frankly not clear who these "experts" poll, and in which cities, but at the that the current rating is lower than the government of Boris Yeltsin in 1996, I am sorry, very hard to believe.

In general, if you add up all the nuances of information processing to Russian tradesman, it is about the subsequent:

a) Our homeland is dying (census data and new publications Rosstat, apparently, are simply ignored);

b) The standard of living in Russia is even worse than in Mongolia and Uzbekistan, not to mention those in the economically progressive states like Latvia or Romania (this is why only the flow of migrant workers from Central Asia to the Russian side of the city does not dry out, and they say seriously in Latvia that it would be better bought our home banking system of this country …);

c) in Russia occupy the highest positions unpopular policies (well, of course, or business such as Sir Alex Bulk or Sergei Udaltsov, whose ratings are, of course, going through the roof …);

g) in Russia in general, all bad, and bears on the streets …

In general, what would be the West of the Russian Federation or invented, anyway vorachivaetsya it to the stereotype of the bears with balalaika … The fruits of the Bologna system of education and there is a car full democratization.

After such a response can only make obeisance to the West for his "help" in the 90's: to collect a parcel with the "White Sea region," frisky noodle manufacturing, padded jacket patched, leaky boots and birch logs. Sign the "humanitarian aid for highly indebted and having difficulties with energy-Western countries." Suppose, as they say, too, will feel our love …

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