How well organized waste collection

How to organize waste collection

Hitch removal and disposal of waste in our time has become increasingly more topical. Most acutely felt in industrial areas and big cities. Questions of garbage collection and disposal of the following has become a very fundamental problem of life in at least some of the town, from the malehankih to a major city.

For the best understanding of the entire visual prepyadstviya give an example. During the day, each urban resident consumes 20 to 50 liters. water. According to the Global Health Organization, the main causes of all diseases — nezapyatannoy lack of drinking water, bad sanitation and bad hygiene.

According to experts, every day in the drinking water gets about 2 million tons of various types of waste. In areas where the water is very dirty, the characteristics of infant mortality is almost 20 times larger than the similar characteristics in areas in which natural conditions are the same, but the water is untainted. Of course, we have not yet the case had previously reached. But equally we are moving in this direction.

Everyone understands that to control the environment only in this case, if export Garbage conducted frequently and on time. The only way we can avoid problems with the ecology of our cities and keep the locality of the town in a solid state.

In the middle zone of the Russian Federation in the winter rises sharply hitch cleaning and snow removal. Of course, the snow does not bring such harm as a waste. But it becomes a hindrance to traffic. For at least some large town is particularly serious.

At the moment there are a lot of companies that are engaged in the problem of waste disposal. When determining the price of the work is taken into account frequency of tests, size and distance of the object from the landfill. For work use of special equipment. Usually used subsequent work organization.

In most cases, companies take out the garbage containers. Container is set on the ground and the object. After filling with a forklift type AMKODOR it is loaded on trucks. There are two versions of garbage collection. In the first case the full container is taken, and in its place put a blank. In the 2nd version of the container contents emptied into a garbage truck. After that wastes are transported to a special testing ground for the next recycling or incineration.

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