How will look combat actions in the 2040th year

Will look like fighting in the 2040th year

How to change combat actions in the coming 30 years? The generals and the people whom they protect, are always eager to have foreseen this. There is no standard method to get a bad idea about the future. You just need to return back to 120 years (1892nd year) And to direct attention to the conduct of war and the state of military technology at the time. Then move in time every time for 30 years, until it reaches the 2012-th year. Then there will be less difficult to make an educated guess as had to be looked 2012-th year.

In 1892, the year many Marines have used single-shot black powder rifle. Configuration has breezed into the air, and the United States have begun to use newfangled smokeless powder, which became widely vserasprostranennym after a couple of years. Modern machine gun was invented in 1883, it was, but it took about 2-decades before the army began using them on a large scale. Most of the artillery as used to be the short-range actions, she was not very accurate and could lead only fire on targets located within the line of sight. To transport infantry and goods used horses. But the modern, quick-firing gun was represented at all so long ago and still have not substantiated their own effectiveness in battle. Communication as previously relied on the telegraph (invented half a century, and bringeth back the revolution), by means of which the commanders could talk together over vast distances. Now they can do it in just a minute. It was a major change in the conduct of hostilities. Very important. At that time, telephones were local and not portable. Cavalry still had huge significance for the exploration, though it has the lowest value for the anti-infantry (a trend started about 2-centuries earlier, when the infantry had rifles with bayonets.)

By 1922, the year of the 30 summer and unparalleled configuration had a tremendous impact on warfare. It came out almost everything since the Industrial Revolution has introduced many new technologies. This process continues with increasing speed. By 1922, we, all the troops were equipped with rifles smokeless. This made even more deadly infantry and snipers put modern way. These new rifles (millions of which are still used) shoot faster, more precisely, without the smoke and were even more effective than many of the model year 1892. Entered service modern machine guns, and each infantry battalion possessed an abundance of them. Artillery became even more clear and strong (thanks to hydraulic systems rollback). Army started use trucks replaced horses and this process will take another three decades. Were already available aircraft was immaculate scouts, able to build distant position of the enemy. Now came the wireless telegraph (radio) to make a revolution in the conduct of naval warfare. There were no more ships for a long time to be without regard to their governments. On land army then promptly laid temporary telephone stripes on the battlefield. With all of this critical discrepancy was that most of the army did not know what to do with all this high technology. This led to years of stagnation and to the millions of victims of the First World War (1914-1918). But the conflict also witnessed the development of chemical weapons, assault rifles, tanks and paratroopers. Anything so does not speed up the development of weapons as a full-scale war. First 1920s military experts are still trying to find out what to do with all these new things.

By 1952, the ninth year a large configuration of World War I has been surpassed more dramatic technological achievements of the second world war (1939-1945). Virtually all of the major military technology of the 20th century were presented to the 1952 th year. These included electronic warfare, smart bombs, ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, tethered rocket drugs (significantly reduced deaths in battle), modern assault rifles, radars, aircraft carriers, modern sonar, portable radios, modern body armor, a great abundance of armored vehicles Jets, portable anti-tank missiles, commando, languid bombers, computers, homing torpedoes, bottom mines, mines, chemical weapon, nuclear weapons and much more. These changes were more dramatic than any other in history. Less than a century of warfare have become unrecognizable compared with what ever fighters earlier 20th century. Fighter of the 19th century was comparable to a fighter of the 16th century (when it was introduced firearms tool) Configuration for these three centuries occurred relatively slowly. Now the military and political administration had to deal with the speed of change, as well as with the changes themselves. It was absolutely brand new situation in human history.

So Makar, 1982nd year compared with the 1952nd and 1922nd years witnessed the least dramatic configurations. This was associated with a high technology, nuclear weapon (which is armed with great powers) and the absence of a major war (which is always accelerated the development of military technology). Occurred in 1982, the year was that many of the new technologies the second world war have been improved or at least more affordable for the latest and made more reliable. There were some new developments. Guided missiles, night vision goggles, spy satellites, laser range finders, gun pointing system, unmanned aerial vehicles, remote sensors, intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine-launched ballistic missiles, composite armor, stealth aircraft, nuclear submarines, all-weather, aircraft navigation systems, Small electronics (transistors), heat sensors, and much more. Basically, the only new things all the time of the second world war have now become smaller, cheaper, more lethal and more than reliable. But the most dramatic change was noted in 1973, it was during the Arab-Israeli war. The speed with which modern tool and other systems during this conflict could destroy the enemy and to accelerate progress of the battle, shocked the generals in the world. At that moment, everyone started to speculate about the impact of this transformation on the techniques of warfare.

By 2012, the ninth year there were some constructive new technologies, such as GPS, web, bullet-proof vests, unmanned aerial vehicles, combat boots and personal (and highly portable) computers that alter warfare more than anyone expected. Technology second world war continues to improve, especially in combination with more recent technologies, such as small computers. Improvements in communications and night vision sensors have made it possible to wage war around the clock and the storm with greater precision and more than lethal effect. Speed has always been a massive tool, but now the rate has a chance to cross swiftly in any point of the planet and assault with great firepower. This dramatic effect was observed in Afghanistan at the end of 2001. Improved technology second world war became a form of war, possessing incredible speed and destructive power. Despite the fact that in 2012, the year of grunt grunt looks similar to 1914, changes in weapons and equipment simply enormous.

So what is predicted for the year 2042? Faster and deadlier, no doubt. By the time the information war become something great than a buzzword, as better sensors and data processing technology allow you to achieve the best situational awareness than ever (to know where you are and where your enemy and act before it will make the enemy).

If the expected breakthrough in batteries (fuel cells) will ma
ke them a cheap and reliable as it is expected that by 2040, the ninth year infantryman will be like a cyborg. In addition to the equipment of several computers and sensor systems, the fighter will be able to wear a bulletproof vest, it also provides air-conditioned. Naturally, satellite communication and two-way video communication. Exoskeletons are already in development and will be able to be implemented by then. Almost all depends on advances in technology Accum.

But the main focus of new development will be continued evolution of combat bots. Acoustic torpedoes since the second world war (used Germans and the Allies with submarines and aircraft) were the first to truly combat robots. Bots should just run and they will track and kill their prey. Likely to be a severe public outrage over these deadly owning sensors and systems that use them for hunting, as tools that can be applied without human intervention. These systems can be simple and inexpensive to build by the year 2042 and as one of the first countries to do so others will have to follow. By 2042, the ninth year the machine will fight with other cars more often than they will find wandering around the battlefield of people.

But there will be other developments that are difficult to predict. In 1892, the year of much of the technology of 1922 was already known in the theoretical sense. The same in 1952, with the technology of 1922, and so on. The most difficult to predict exactly how the new technology will be applied. At this will involve imagination and ingenuity, and such things on their own very nature, are difficult to prophecy.

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