Hows scandalous web site of the Ministry of Defence?

How is scandalous website of the Ministry of Defence?

On the Web site, "Military Review" is already open a discussion topic that the main military prosecutor's office at the time revealed the theft associated with the optimization of an electrical life of the Ministry of Defense. Since that time, a certain amount of time has passed, and one can Again look at the website of head of the military department to find out almost everything was changed since "corruption has." But first, it is worth recalling what were presented as the main claims of those who decided that the promotion of a website does not pull in the 10's spent millions of rubles.

Web site is filled with the section "Infographics", in which you can behold the image of military themes, which are assembled in a typical collages, the name which, for some reason maps. Become more well developed sections of "Children" and "veterans". As before, the website were "nails program" Game 4: "Minesweeper", "Tetris", "Battleship" and "The test for the rank." The last point to be honest, is a smirk, as the developers have done everything to the "necessary" answers downright lying on the surface.

In general, we can say that the configuration on the website of the Ministry of Defence took place, but whether they are worth the 10 million-s — this is a separate issue. For this one can analyze prices in the companies, the task of which is the creation and promotion of high-quality website. For example, if the message of the company «Trionika», it offers a promotion website for even the least resources than those which have been expended major military department of. If you look to other sources, the one can behold, that the result even for an amount in hundreds of times the smallest one that izderzhalo Ministry Defense to establish their own online resource one can get even more impressive website. But, apparently, the people who were going at it obviously took into account other values. What specific — everyone is aware of itself.

In this regard, one can read that the main military prosecutor's office seems to have really found a single one of those moves, how economical means of Defense migrated completely in the wrong direction, which was planned by the country. One can read and that now is to inspect and other electrical resources related to the armed forces of the country and raise the estimate of how much resources cost Russian taxpayers.

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