«Hub of the Universe» — «artifact» Lemuria

On Easter Sunday 1722 three Dutch ships under the command of Admiral Jacob Roggeveen, opened the world's Easter Island (Rapa Nui) — "Hub of the Universe."

300 years, researchers have tried to unravel the secrets of the lost civilization of the Rapanui:
Is Easter Island surviving geological remnant of the legendary continent of Mu, which sank in the Pacific Ocean 25,000 years ago?

Who built the Moai — huge stone statues of the island, which reach heights of 20 meters and a weight of 50 — 150 tons?
What technologies are used skilled architects to build Easter ahu and moai? Perhaps the anti-gravity?
How to decipher the inscriptions skilled scribes — signs "rongo rongo"?

Many researchers believe that the inhabitants of Easter Island could develop the knowledge in isolation, and got them from highly developed civilization, as monolithic statue like Moai, were also found in the ruins of Tiwanaku (altitude of over 4,000 meters above sea level) and in the Marquesas Islands in Polynesia.

Easter Island — a unique area in the southeastern part of the Pacific Ocean, one of the most remote from the land inhabited islands in the world, which is located 3703 km from the coast of South America.

The island is the highest point (539 meters above sea level) of a massive underwater hill called the East Pacific Rise. As the British writer, journalist Graham Hancock in his book "Mirror of Heaven", 12 000 years ago, when the huge ice caps have not melted and the sea level was 100 meters lower, the East Pacific Rise formed a chain of narrow islands with steep banks. One of the links in this chain of steep stretches more than 300 kilometers to the west of the summit, which later was named Te Pito-O-Te-hyun — "Hub of the Universe."

According to local tradition, Easter Island was once part of a "much larger country." The evidence is strange "road", going directly into the ocean, hundreds of underground tunnels, starting in natural caves and leading to nowhere. Known fact that when the U.S. nuclear submarine "Nautilus" in 1958 committed trip around the world is on its board of scientists paid attention to the presence of very high, but unknown to date seamount near Easter Island.

For decades, the academic science can not answer the question of how the giant moai were built on a remote island with a population even in the heyday of no more than 4,000 people, how to transport the statues from the quarry, located at a distance of 6.5 kilometers, as they were installed ?

Moai stone statues on the island — 887, their height from 4 to 20 meters, some are on a stone pedestal ahu, the largest embedded in sedimentary rocks on the slopes of the volcano Rano Raraku. Maximum weight, height 21.6 meters — about 160 tons. In addition, some moai "crowned hats" several tons each. Moai were the "eyes" of white coral and red scoria, their gaze was directed to the sky, probably why the island once known as Mata-Ki-Te-Rani — "eyes looking at the sky."

Archaeological excavations conducted on Easter Island today, stunned researchers: the moai have bodies that go deep into the earth, and, pretty deep. The bodies were found ancient petroglyphs, which are well below the soil surface.

Why moai "bombarded" the land? Perhaps the "culprit burial" of houses and temples underneath the soil was a powerful tsunami that occurred during the flood, and the giants of Easter highly advanced civilization were built before the flood, 13,000 years ago?

Theosophist, writer Helena Blavatsky in "The Secret Doctrine" wrote: "Easter Island belongs to the earliest civilizations of the Third Race. The sudden rise of a volcanic eruption and the ocean floor … raised the little archaic relic of centuries — after she was sunk with the others — intact, with all the statues and the volcano, and left as a witness to the existence of Lemuria … "

"Hub of the Universe" - "artifact" Lemuria.

Advocates of the Blavatsky believed that the moai were created 10m people that show up in these copies? According to the classification of existing terrestrial civilizations — Indigenous Human Races, Lemurians had a height of about 18 meters, and the Atlanteans — 7.5 meters.

A proof of the existence of the Easter Island giants are ahu — the platform on which were the statues. Ahu built of huge blocks, without the use of any solution, adjusted so that between them can not stick a knife. In masonry platforms meet the characteristics of megalithic structures.

In 1987, the famous Norwegian explorer, anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl under several meters of soil dug up on Easter Island, a wall of stones — megaliths, which was built of large, well-hewn blocks. The same technology is used in the construction of the ancient civilizations in the construction of the pyramids and monuments of ancient Egypt and Mesoamerica.

The legends of Easter Island keep the memories of that movement and the rise of the moai were carried out by force, "mana" — thought. Ancient magicians allegedly used a round stone, called Te Pito Kura, "to focus its energy and mana order statues" to walk or swim through the air. "

Mysterious stone diameter of three-quarters of a meter, is located near the beach, two kilometers east of the Anacostia. The elders of the island say that it is "navel" of Easter, which was used for the sorcerers' energy concentration mana. "

A legend that in ancient times, people have the unique technologies and transfer lift stones with acoustics, sound. The museum exhibits the Tiwanaku — ceramic pipe, decorated with sacred symbols of civilization of Tiwanaku. Some researchers believe that this "pipe" was used for "building" purposes — carrying rocks!

American scholar James Churchward advanced the theory that the inhabitants, who disappeared 25,000 years ago, the continent of Mu, used technology, far surpassing the modern, including anti-gravity, which allowed them to move large objects, and build huge buildings.

According to Academician Gennady Shipov — author of the theory of torsion fields, matter creates a void with the "words" — information. Primary torsion fields are carriers of consciousness. Perhaps the ancients possessed a torsion theory and used it to create the technology of stone and construction giant monuments of antiquity?

Linguists have not been able to decipher the wooden tablets with hieroglyphic inscriptions inhabitants of Easter Island — rongo rongo. Today in museums around the world survived only 25 plates. Boards rongo rongo written way bustrofedon — mode of writing in which the direction of the writing alternates depending on the parity line: if the first line is written from right to left, the second — from left to right, the third — again, from right to left, etc. Perhaps decoding rongo rongo — "lines written for storytelling", "shed light" on the history of the ancient people?

Why great civilization disappeared? Perhaps flowering crops was interrupted the Flood, which is described in the Bible, the Sumerian "Tale of Gilgamesh", hundreds of myths and legends of ancient peoples? For a brief history of our planet was a dramatic melting of glaciers at the end of the last Ice Age, which ended between 15,000 and 10,000 years BC. e.

Perhaps the truth of the "builders" of stone monuments of the Earth: the Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, Osiriona, Chichen Itza, Palenque, Teotihuacan, Machu Picchu, Nazca, Ollantaytambo, Sacsayhuaman, Tiahuanaco, Yonaguni, Baalbek, Easter, were highly developed civilization, worn with the Earth cataclysms of past eras?

Valentina Zhitanska

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