Humanoids to bend time, space and the railroad


Artem Stotskij

In September of this year in New Zealand was an earthquake. Disastrous consequences: a bridge collapsed, torn paper strips accurately highway, the ruins of houses.

Amazing bending railroad from Hamilton to Taumaruni also blamed the disaster. The haste of the findings of the special government commission realized just now. Witnesses claim the officials and scholars that the curved rails for a few hours to a natural disaster.

Numerous local media polls show that 90 percent of New Zealanders believe in UFOs and aliens, and 17 percent have seen "flying saucers." Three out of these 17 per cent — a farmer and two road workers, probably for life will be remembered as the UFO sucked into the herd of sheep crossing the railway track.

— A flock consisted of twelve heads, — says Nicholas Foster. — I normally let them on the field with his dog and do other things. Suddenly uses funky "Jackie" hair on end, whines. Look out of the garage, and over a field a few miles from the house rises into the sky glowing ball.

…as they crossed the railroad. From the sheep do not have even a wet spot, and the rails in place, which was directed beam from a UFO, intricately curved


The same ball saw a team of workers with whom Foster ran in a curved railway track, just at the point where the rising unidentified object. Sheep with him disappeared in an unknown direction.

— The fact that the curvature of the rail is not caused by the earthquake I have no doubt — said the guest explore the phenomenon of Australian university professor Thomas Gabs. — When an earthquake is simply torn fabric. Here metal itself lengthened by a few meters. No reasonable explanation I have. Can analyzes of soil samples and anything metal show.

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