Hurricane Dora off the coast of Mexico

Hurricane Season 2011. Hurricane Dora, the epicenter of which are located near the Pacific coast of Mexico, reached the fourth category of danger on the international five-point scale.

According to the National Hurricane Center in Miami, in a powerful cyclone wind speed is 215 kilometers per hour and gusts of up to 260 kilometers per hour.
Dora until that moves parallel to the Pacific coast of Mexico. The epicenter of the hurricane is at sea, and. According to forecasts, will continue to be in the sea. Dora is moving to the northwest at a speed of about 19 km / h are expected to remain a hurricane this direction over the next couple of days, and then slow down.

Currently hurricane vortex is about 390 kilometers from the south-west section of Cabo Corrientes, Mexico.

Mexican authorities announced the warning in the coastal zone of several Western states in connection with the threat of showers, high winds and storms.

The National Hurricane Center expects today a weakening hurricane as Dora begins to lose the wind and enters cooler waters.

In early July, a strong tropical storm Arlene and associated floods and mudflows in the northern and central parts of Mexico have killed 11 people.


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