Hurricane Irene deprived of electricity several settlements in Cuba

Hurricane "Irene" has caused flooding and power outages in parts of eastern Cuba, but did not cause significant damage to property.

As RIA "Novosti" with reference to the center of the Cuban Institute of Meteorology forecasts, the center of the hurricane is moving to the northwest, away from Cuba. The trajectory of the hurricane ran away from the Cuban coast.

The Cuban city of Baracoa element damaged several meters of steel structures the promenade, and deprived of electricity several settlements. In the province of Holguin observed light floods in Gibara, and in communities Kaletones, Los Giritos and Los Bahos

Recall now before Hurricane "Irene" hit the Bahamas at a speed of almost 200 km / h

Islands authorities have stated that the damage to the tourism industry due to the hurricane, according to preliminary estimates, could be worth $ 2 million


By this time the storm was given four-category out of 5. Speed at its epicenter about 200 kilometers per hour.

Cuba declared a storm warning. Streets were submerged coastal cities. In the Dominican Republic have evacuated 11,000 people. Fear of floods.

Under the impact of elements found and the Bahamas. And in the eastern United States are preparing for its approximation. North Carolina evacuated more than 150-thousand people. If in the near future hurricane changes its direction from the main naval base of the Atlantic Fleet, "Norfolk" will bring all the ships.

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