I think no one will know whose work it …

In the center of Moscow crew shot DPS. Police car that drove into the service, beginning to cut an unknown car. The attackers clearly wanted to stop the guards, but they continued to move. Apparently realizing that the police will not be able to stop the attackers opened the window of his car and started shooting at the Ministry of Interior.

As a result of the shot was wounded police officer, who was at the wheel. The bullet shattered glass and hit him in the face. The crew continued the movement and radioed the attack. The attackers escaped and were detained by another crew DPS on Novy Arbat. At the same time, to intercept the intruders had to block traffic.

Several young men were taken into custody. For them prosecuted. Gun that shot the police confiscated, and all will conduct the investigation, the suspects in jail, despite the fact that all the detainees begged the court not to deprive them of their liberty writes Pravda.Ru.

And now on the screen. Look at those who are so politically correct in the article called "young people" (the reasons for this, we reported). I wonder how much power will be silent, and what will be waiting with his mouth in one place may yet towards the Kremlin will not fly hundreds of rockets fired by young people of unknown nationality?

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