In Antarctica, we find the energy portals!

Not so long ago, in press materials flashed the detection of magnetic anomalies in Antarctica, Lake Vostok.

Admiral Richard Bard was trying to uncover the secrets of the planet's poles. He made several expeditions to the South Pole in 40-50's of the last century. There is a hypothesis that the Earth is hollow, and the poles are entrances to the subterranean world inhabited by intelligent beings.

Obviously, such an entry and sought American admiral. However, the mistake was that Bzrd imagined this input in the form of a very real tunnel or mine. In fact, it's just energy formation, which can not touch it …

According to some researchers of the paranormal, Lake Vostok is something that radiates into space electromagnetic and can be, and is not yet open gravitational waves. The measurements made by sensors on Earth satellites have shown that the source of the waves, which is a kind of beacon, lies beneath the ice, and not underground. It is this mysterious device creates a magnetic anomaly in Antarctica. There is evidence that at the time of Baird's device is in the ground, which led to the hypothesis of a hollow planet and underground dwellers.

In fact, in the Lake Vostok is teleportal, energy gateway to parallel worlds. Going into them, you can get into a parallel universe, or be in a remote corner of the cosmos. You can travel back in time and get access to any information.

Known ufologists have repeatedly pointed out that UFOs frequently appear over Antarctica and the adjacent ocean areas. Where did these come flying objects? It is likely that not from outer space, and of those most mysterious energy gate. Magnetic anomaly, like a beacon, indicating the ships of our guests, where to go to get back to his home universe. Emission from the source in Antarctica raises aircraft varying severity and transports them to any place on the planet. UFOs do not fly in the atmosphere by burning fuels such aircraft. Their moves wave energy beam emanating from teleportal.

Teleportaly like Antarctic, seems to exist in different parts of the world. Some quite tangible and visible. Others are wave energy education, and they can not touch it, though they do exist. Have energy gate, created by nature, and is man-made, such as the Egyptian and Inca pyramids, Stonehenge and others. In recent years, more detected magnetic anomalies, those recorded just south of the island of Menorca in the Mediterranean Sea, the Grand Canyon in the United States, in the north of Greenland, in the ocean off the coast of Chile. Perhaps it is in these places are teleportaly. For information on the latest, including the exact position of the location, all governments are trying to keep secret, as well as information about UFOs. After holding a unique technology movement in time and space, access to 'any information opens the way to master the world. That is why the information on teleportalah rarely published and are usually distorted and contradictory.

Going into teleportal, a person or any other material object is in another dimension. In the 90 years of the last century, much has been written about Edward Manson allegedly Beheld the "energy cocoons" that enveloped everyone. According to Manson, the cocoons are a human body in the fourth dimension. Seer hastened to declare a charlatan, and in 1996 he suddenly disappeared. It is likely that Edward stepped teleportal and found himself in another universe. There is information about people like Myeong-Sonu have appeared in recent years in different countries. Some of them see the whole city, huge luminous buildings, towers and domes. All of these buildings are in a different dimension, in a world parallel to our own.

The lucky ones included in teleportal and returned, telling of a strange light coming from nowhere. Such a light that does not have a source, sometimes see archaeologists in ancient tombs and pyramids tunnels. Energy vibrations similar to radiation teleportalov create the light from the darkness. Light bubbles and ghosts that can sometimes take a picture, have the same nature as the above cocoon around the bodies of people and glowing city. Some alloys, being irradiated energy teleportalov also light up. It is such alloys to the inner surface of hollow chambers in the ancient pyramids. Unfortunately, under the influence of an electric or solar light alloys such decay, and make a chemical analysis of their composition nevozmozhno.Mnogie of those people whom we consider insane, actually are in another dimension, and therefore their behavior seems strange.

Perhaps the digestive tract of some people can be isolated from normal food and water special substances that are able to transfer the rights to the fourth dimension. By analogy with teleportalami such substances include himioportalami. People with the ability of the body, often unknowingly, are in a different reality, where there are the creatures that inhabit parallel worlds, called the Earth spirits, gods or aliens. People with that ability, at various times called saints, shamans, witches, clairvoyants, mediums, whacky, etc. Some of them used their extraordinary talents to achieve a certain power and material wealth.

People who are able to expand its body on the bricks and build it again by teleportalov or himioportalov can, driving energy, "fix" his diseased body. It is known that the cause of all diseases lies in the imbalance of energy-focusing of human skeleton. It follows that, if we learn to use and teleportalami himioportalami, we can cure the deadly bolezni.Neskolko years ago the American magazine "Journal of Parapsychology" published an interview with Mr. Coley-Wayne, AIDS patients who went through teleportal in a parallel universe and came back and was perfectly healthy. In France, Andre Mignet miraculously cured of sarcoma. Doctors just shrug. Sam Andrew remembers that in his life, something unusual happened. Rather, this case is because Minya entered teleportal, failing to realize that, because the human brain has the ability to filter. Information which, in the opinion of the person can not exist in reality, the brain just does not perceive. Therefore Andre forgot what happened to him.

In parapsychologists and researchers of anomalous phenomena exist teleportalov no doubt. If they have mastered the passage through the energy gates, people could travel in endless worlds of parallel universes.

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