In captivity, but not alone

Online community continues to provide and coordinate the care of prisoners who are serving sentences for participation in protest on Independence Square in Minsk, and sentenced to the payment of substantial penalties. Meanwhile, the lack of volunteers to deliver the collected items to send and arrested.

One of the coordinators of national solidarity action — blogger Daria Fox with Smorgonschiny. She's talked to Igor Carney.

Bloggers were among the first reacted to mass arrests in Minsk on December 19 and 20. Daria Fox said that the collection was started with immediately:

Daria Fox

"In the Tuesday, December 21 I got a call friends and blogger Adelka bubble and offered to assist them to coordinate assistance unjustly arrested in Belarus. Everyone who got in trouble (we will speak frankly.) I was in a topic, issue, and began to coordinate the work on the Internet . Thus, the girls went to court, and I was sitting at home, answered calls, explained by the available information, who planted, where you can take the transfer, as is going to help that is accepted, and that — no. information was contradictory, constantly changing and We tried to help: someone in Minsk, someone in Zalissia someone in the other regions. "

Terms minimal administrative arrests began 10 days, which means that the first prisoners will go free on the New Year. In addition, people subscribed to substantial fines. Not eliminated the danger of dismissal or exclusion from higher education institutions:

"Help is urgent. People are still arrested, many are hanging on penalties and it is unclear how they will be paid. Possible to exclude many of the universities for participating in a peaceful protest in the Square, many will have problems at work. Back in greater numbers just do not have the means to live up to the salary, no money for the phone bill. And help all the Belarusians in high demand. Actually, I'm a believer and I am convinced that it is necessary to help people who find themselves in a difficult situation. in my life, I try whenever possible to do so always, and that's it one of these situations, which hit me, and many, many people in our country. "

Reporter: "About what kind of go — money, clothes, food?".

Belarusians with around the world (And by the way, not only Belarusians, Russians are the same, too) to help people who are in trouble …

"There was a need from the very beginning and stuff and money — well, at least, to deliver transfer by taxi. Because drivers with cars was not so much. Now they need money for material aid to people. Glad that Belarusians speak from all over — from Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Canada, the United States, even Australia. Which is great, because I feel Belarusian solidarity. Belarusians with around the world (And by the way, not only Belarusians, Russians are the same, too) to help people who are in trouble. Here it is in this sense means the shares arrested, detained people. "

About where the number of those who responded, one can say that? Daria Fox reported that only she can appeal to a hundred or more people. But in fact, these are much more

"I think that a hundred — that's for sure. And that's just what I know about their sector on the Internet and talk on the phone. And then there are people who go directly to the BPF and who also collected things, products that bring money to purchase all the essentials. because people respond very much. This is certainly a nationwide campaign by the people, who are in trouble. As for financial aid, it is a concrete assistance to specific individuals to specific victims. There are accounts that have given activists of the company to which you can transfer the money. This is purely voluntary. And I can assure you that all the money will go to the exact or other assistance to the people. "

The initiators of the campaign are encouraged to actively respond to the volunteers who could take on the burden transported by dungeons and food items collected by caring people. But zaklapochvae and the fact that the administration of prisons do not always go towards:

"Imagine how many people! Course, will be confusion. Moreover, they were afraid, these jailers as their head fell off work. And how many papers? '.

Offer to help the detainees during the events in the area will continue as long as the prison will remain political prisoners. The Internet made another action by the arrested "Guardian Angel." The site can not only be invited to become an angel for each convict (help with the vehicle for the delivery of programs, meeting at a prison after serving a sentence, drugs and money for patients and victims), but also to find the most the latest information about the location of convicted persons and their basic needs.

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