In Energomash continues technical re-

JSC "NPO Energomash named akdemika VP Glushko"  (Moscow region. Khimki) — a leading developer and manufacturer of liquid rocket engines.

In Energomash continues technical re-equipment, dictated by order of the day. Thus, according to the plan, the company in recent months received a high-tech equipment.

A striking example — setting December 1, 2011 in the workshop of 044 60120/50NR OMAX waterjet cutting (USA). It is designed for cutting sheet material with thickness up to 300 mm, and is used for the manufacture of parts made of steel of different grades (structural, high-alloy, heat-resistant), non-ferrous metals and alloys, is a progressive means of metalworking. Positioning accuracy of the working head (0.08 mm) allows to produce the preform without further machining on machine tools. The complexity of manufacturing at this reduced to 2 — 5 times.

June 2, 2012 the company received two lathes, CNC LYNX220M DOOSAN (Korea), which are mounted in the shop 112. LYNX series is designed for turning and milling of small parts, they planned to make the body and sleeve nozzles and other parts of nomenclature shop 112. High-speed cutting tools and rapid positioning of the head minimizes the interval between operations, which reduces the complexity of manufacturing parts.

Advanced technology — the key to competitiveness and prosperity of any business, and the vast scientific production association the space industry, the world leader in the production of rocket engines, simply must have a high technology park. Energomash confidently that direction.

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