In Guatemala declared anxiety due to the increased activity of the volcano Fuego

"Preventive alert" declared in Guatemala due to significantly increase the activity of Fuego volcano, located 50 km south of the capital. As reported today by representatives of Guatemala, in the crater of natural colossus was an explosion, but from its vents have repeatedly erupted ash cloud that rose to a height of 1.5 km.

Civil defense units are on high alert for the need to evacuate settlements, in the vicinity of the volcano. While the immediate danger to the people there, but scientists do not rule out that as soon as the activity of natural colossus could increase.

Due to massive emissions of ash from the crater of Fuego, "cover" a vast area, the crews of airliners, the course of which lies in the area of the volcano, it is recommended to take precautions.

Fuego, the height of which is 3.7 thousand meters above sea level and periodically reminded of the emission of hot gases and ash. Sometimes spills out of its vents hot lava. The administration of the international airport of the capital of Guatemala have not once had to temporarily suspend the air terminal in connection with loss of 'ash sediments. "

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