In India, more than two million people were affected by floods

In India, the floods caused by strong monsoon rains in the last week killed at least 20 people.

According to IANS, the most affected by the disaster eastern state of Orissa.

In the area of disaster was more than two million people, more than 3.5 thousand flooded villages, about 24.5 thousand houses destroyed.

In the evacuation of residents from the affected areas involved about a thousand boats.

At present, the intensity of monsoon rains reduced, so officials hope to improve the situation.

Recall that in August as a result of floods in eastern India killed 47 people. Tens of thousands of people took shelter in government-organized camps.

In July because of rising water levels in the river Brahmaputra in the eastern Indian state of Assam were flooded at least 200 villages. As a result, four people were killed. Suffered at least 180 thousand people.

It is noted that in Assam were flooded homes, destroyed roads, no power. Victims temporarily marked out in schools and buildings owned by the state government of Assam.

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